What’s Happening Around the FVPD in April?

Here’s to more flowers than showers in April! Celebrate spring’s bloom and choose from a variety of events and activities hosted by the Fox Valley Park District. Here are five ideas to consider, and be sure to check out our Events Calendar for the full lineup of April fun. Floating Egg Hunt Easter Bunny alert!… Read More

Young Mom-To-Be ‘Definitely the Strongest I’ve Ever Been’

Light treadmill work, stretching exercises, protein shakes, and maybe a quick massage. They’re all go-to assistants at arguably the most important checkpoint of a vigorous workout routine – the cooldown or “recovery phase.” Kristen Mains needed something different one day last fall, a little more gusto to help her body recalibrate after a particularly demanding… Read More

What's Happening Around the FVPD this March?

Dig into a busy menu of March activities at the Fox Valley Park District Here are some ideas to get you started, and be sure to check out the Events Calendar for a full lineup of fun this month. FVPD Job Fair Ever wondered how much fun it would be spending a whole summer at Blackberry Farm… Read More

10 Things to Do this Spring at the FVPD

Hello, spring – and thanks for coming back!   It’s time to wander into the sunshine with fewer layers, while keeping fun indoor opportunities on standby for those rainy days.    Here are 10 activities to get you hoppin’ the next few months and be sure to flip through our Spring 2023 Adventure Playbook and Events Calendar… Read More

Chill Out (or In) with the FVPD this January

Happy New Year and welcome, 2023! With it comes a January full of adventures – indoors and out – at the Fox Valley Park District. Check out some ideas below and be sure to check out the Events Calendar for January’s full lineup of activities. Jump with Marshall Everyone’s favorite firefighting Dalmatian is ready to… Read More

Winter Recreation and Operations

Sledding: It’s one of the joys of childhood, but please remind the young ones to sled down the middle of the hill and walk up the sides to avoid the dreaded “bowling alley” scenario and potential injury. Here are the go-to hills: Waubonsie Lake Park – Located just west of the playground, this semi-steep hill… Read More