2023 Comprehensive Master Plan

The 2023 Fox Valley Park District Master Plan Update represents the seventh comprehensive planning effort completed by the District since its founding in 1947. This Master Plan provides recommendations for parks and facilities across the entire District, broken down into 39 Planning Areas. Goals, objectives and detailed parks and facility information and demographic analysis are also provided. Click here to view the 2023 Comprehensive Master Plan.

Strategic Plan

The Fox Valley Park District Strategic Plan 2015-2018 provides direction and a planned pursuit of the mission, vision, key strategies, goals and actions of the District from May 1, 2015, through April 30, 2018. The plan reflects the District’s increasing responsiveness and sophistication, moving the District into a greater strategic planning direction and less tactical mode, which is the next logical step in the organization’s life cycle and planning evolution. Strategic planning is a systematic approach to defining longer term business goals and identifying the means to achieve them. It provides the District with the ability to channel resources in a direction that yields the greatest benefit to resident taxpayers, constituents and guests. The benefits of strategic planning include:

  • Focuses the District’s resources on activities that are essential to increasing customer satisfaction, lowering costs, increasing taxpayer value and achieving measurable outcomes.
  • Creates a planning and implementation system that is responsive, flexible and disciplined.
  • Encourages cooperation and support among all Park District departments.
  • Reinforces the continuous improvement environment of the District.
  • Empowers managers and employees by providing them with the authority to fulfill planned activities.
  • Eliminates non-core activities.
  • Provides for more seamless internal and external customer service.
  • Defines and describes the District’s strategies. As a result, employees and residents know where the District is headed.

View the 2015-18 Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan Updates
  • Strategic Plan Updates

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