Return to Recreation

We’re returning to recreation this fall, and are meeting all local, state and federal guidelines as we continue to prioritize community health and safety. FVPD is limiting class sizes for social distancing and has increased sanitization within our facilities. Unfortunately, we’ve had to reduce our usual number of offerings, as some programs are not possible… Read More

Trail Connectivity: A Major Initiative at the FVPD

Ever been pedaling, stroller-pushing, jogging or walking along a trail, only to quite literally come to the end of the road – an occurrence that requires a dismount or detour? Sometimes more than an inconvenient hassle, right? That’s why the Fox Valley Park District remains committed to what we call “trail connectivity,” enabling uninterrupted traffic… Read More

Sand Wasps? Think Friends, Not Foes

If you’re the parent of a ballplayer or kiddos who like to operate the diggers at one of our playgrounds, perhaps you’ve come across the Sand Wasp (Bembix) – one of more than 1,200 sand wasp species in North America. Not to worry. They’re all buzz, no sting. With a gestation period of about six… Read More