It’s one of the joys of childhood, but please remind the young ones to sled down the middle of the hill and walk up the sides to avoid the dreaded “bowling alley” scenario and potential injury. Here are the go-to hills:

  • Waubonsie Lake Park – Located just west of the playground, this semi-steep hill is an annual favorite for thrill-seekers.
  • Lincoln Park – Located at Russell Avenue and Lakewood Place in Aurora, this is a gentle hill suitable for young children and beginners.


Whenever the snow cover is three inches or more onsite at Red Oak Nature Center, snowshoes are available for rent on weekdays (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and weekends (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) to explore Red Oak’s (ungroomed) trails. For $5 per hour, you can rent a pair of snowshoes to navigate across the white stuff. All rented snowshoes must remain on Red Oak property. For additional questions or to make sure there are enough pairs of snowshoes for your party, call 630-897-1808.

Cross-Country Skiing:

Where there’s snow, there’s skiing. Unlike downhill, Nordic skiing requires no expensive lift ticket. Free fun is literally right out the door. Here are some of our favorites (with minimal road crossings!):

  • Fox River Trail – Start in North Aurora on either side of the State Street Bridge and stride northward. Both sides are wooded, peaceful, and beautiful. The more ambitious can travel a loop to Batavia, crossing the river at the Clark Island bridges.
  • Virgil Gilman Trail – The trailheads at Prairie Street or Galena Boulevard are both good starting points. Heading westward, skiers will enjoy a rustic glide, all the way to Waubonsee College. Blackberry Creek parallels much of the route, further enriching the scenery.
  • Waubonsie Lake Trail – This popular network of trails can be accessed at Waubonsie Lake Park (off Kautz Road) and from the parking lot at the Eola Community Center. One tour around Waubonsie Lake on skis is all it takes for this destination to be added to the favorites list.

Our number one priority is the safety of residents and guests. Sites will be addressed using a tiered approach starting with the highest-priority sites. Sites will receive an array of maintenance measures including but not limited to pre-treating, clearing, and de-icing.


Bring your skates and experience the joy of winter with the Fox Valley Park District!

Eola Community Center – 555 S. Eola Rd., Aurora

Prisco Community Center (McCullough Park) – 100 W. Illinois Av., Aurora

Please note: Ice rinks are for informal use and are meant for leisure and recreation. Rinks are open dependent on conditions and green or red flags are used to indicate open or closed. Skaters must bring their own skates and all rinks are unsupervised, so please use caution when skating.