We asked. You answered.

Looks like we’re big fans of each other.

In October 2019, we hosted a Fox Fitness Member Appreciation event and wanted to give members the opportunity to rate how we’re doing across several categories through a quick, eight-question survey, along with an “additional comments/suggestions” section at the end.

Brett Meier, the FVPD’s fitness manager who oversees Fox Fitness at our three facilities – Vaughan Athletic Center and Prisco and Eola community centers – was most pleased that 96% of the members who completed the survey would refer Fox Fitness to a friend, and 97% rated Fox Fitness as “good” or “excellent.”

Some more takeaways from members’ survey responses:

The space is nice with wonderful natural light and well-ventilated in most of the fitness rooms. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Clean, plenty of machines, close to my home.

There are always enough treadmills available when I need one, usually at rush hour.

And let’s be honest: It’s a crowded market out there with fitness centers – from national brands to pop-up boutiques, and just about everything in between – seemingly stationed around every corner.

“There are many choices, but Fox Fitness is the best value when it comes to your dollar,” Meier says. “With the latest equipment, clean facilities and 176 membership-included classes between the three locations, we have the right fit for everybody.”

As a park district, we maintain a consistent effort to deliver premium facilities – and matching experiences – for all of our residents and visitors. We’re always looking at different channels to help provide the very best, whether it be through innovation, technology, new programs or, perhaps most importantly, community feedback.

If you’re looking to add fitness to your daily or weekly regimen, February presents a wonderful opportunity, for we’re waiving the enrollment fee all month long. Additionally, we offer a 7-day free trial at each of our facilities year-round.

Stop by and we’ll be happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have!