Press Release – May 4, 2020

AURORA – In the spirit of delivering programs and activities to its residents, the Fox Valley Park District remains committed to offering recreational opportunities in a virtual capacity during disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Shortly after the state’s stay-at-home order, FVPD staff unveiled a variety of online activities, which are featured daily on social media channels, to promote and encourage community engagement.

The wide-ranging series offers activities in Fox Fitness, Athletics, Performing Arts – and more.

The FVPD today published a dedicated webpage – entitled “Virtual Recreation” – which serves as a hub with links to its online activities in every category.

The page can be accessed at

“We thought it’d be handy for residents if we created a ‘one-stop shop,’ so anyone can sign up or participate in the virtual programs we’re offering,” said Jaime Ijams, the FVPD’s director of recreation. “We understand some people have allegiances to specific areas or programs within the District, but we also wanted to provide a comprehensive library of everything we’re offering in a virtual capacity – through at least May – for residents to consider as they seek recreational opportunities during this downtime.”

Ijams noted that additional programs/activities will be added to the page as they’re developed.

The FVPD’s “Virtual Recreation” page includes programs from Athletics, Blackberry Farm, Creative Play & Nature Play Preschool, Early Childhood, E-Sports (coming soon!), Fox Fitness, General Interest & Recreation, Performing Arts, Red Oak Nature Center and Tennis.