PLEASE NOTE: Swim lesson programs at Waubonsie Valley HS (in the fall activity guide) have been cancelled due to logistical issues. We are currently working to accommodate more of these programs at the Vaughan Athletic Center but do not have final details as of this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Fox Valley Park District

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Title Address
Wingfoot Park Wingfoot, North Aurora
Willow Lake Park Oak & Butternut, North Aurora
Wilbert Walters Park May St. & Highland
Wheatland Park Barrington & Spinnaker
Wetlands Park Oakhurst & Anton
Westwood Park Jericho Road
Waubonsie Lake Park Montgomery & Kautz
Washington Park Alschuler & Constitution
Veterans Memorial Island Park Illinois Avenue bridge
Vaughan Athletic Center 2121 W. Indian Trail Road, Aurora
Union-Flagg Park Union & Flagg
Turnstone Lake Park Wynwood & Apple Hill
Titsworth Park Titsworth Ct.
Tanner Trails Bauer & Meade, North Aurora
Sutton Lake Park Sutton Lane & Brookwood
Stuart Sports Complex Jericho & Barnes
Stonegate Park Sheffer & Felten
Stonebridge Park Stonebridge & Radford
Still Park Meadowridge & Slate
Stevens Park 427 View
Steck Park S. River & North Ave.
Station Boulevard Station Blvd. & Milford
Spring Lake Park McCoy & Gregory
Splash Country Water Park Barnes & Galena
South Spring Lake Park McCoy & Gregory
South River Street Park 712 S. River
South Island Park Ashland
South Broadway Park S. Broadway Road, Montgomery
Smith Park 1332 Robinwood
Simmons Park 1191 E. Indian Trail
Sherwood Glen Park Woodlyn & Mettel
Schneider Park 304 Banbury
Rural Street Park Wood & Rural
Rollins Park Kane & Ohio
Rob Roy Park Roanoke & Heather
Rios Sports Complex Eola Road & Route 56
Ridge Park Ridge
Richard Street Park Richard & N. Lancaster
Remington Landing Western & Bauer, N. Aurora
Red Oak Nature Center Route 25 (north of Route 56)
Randall Park Indian Trail & Randall
Pine Knoll Park Lindenwood
Pine Creek Park Pine Creek & Butterfield
Pigeon Hill Park 719 High
Phillips Park Family Aquatic Center Montgomery & Howell
Palmer Park Palmer Ave.
Orchard Valley Golf Course Orchard Valley Golf Course
O'Donnell Park 1640 Reckinger
Oakhurst Wetlands Oakhurst & McCoy
North River Street Park North River Street & Elm
North Aurora Riverfront State Street Bridge (north)
North Aurora Island Park State Street Bridge (south)
New Haven Park New Haven Ave.
Nature Clarendon Lane
Moose Lake Park Dogwood & Juniper
Montgomery Park River & Mill
Moecherville Park 7th & Sumner
Middlebury West Montgomery & Middlebury
Middlebury East Montgomery & Middlebury
Meadow Lake Park Meadowbrook & Birchdale
McCullough Park Illinois & Lake
McCarty Park Long Grove & Village Green
Lippold Park Route 25 (north of Route 56)
Lindens Park Suncrest & Summerhill
Lincoln Park 259 S. Russell Ave., Aurora, IL
Lincoln Avenue Mini Park Lincoln & Liberty
Lehigh Station Liberty & Station Blvd.
Lebanon Park Parker & Douglas
Lakewood Park Hoffman & Shenandoa
Krug Park 240 Melrose
Jericho Lake Park Jericho Road
Jaycee Park Manor Place & North Park
Indian Trail Mini Park Indian Trail & High St.
Indian Creek Park Molitor Road
Hurd North Avenue bridge
Hupp Park Illinois & Orchard
Huntington Chase Foster Dr. & White Sands Ln.
Chuck E. Hoscheit Park Montgomery & Mair
Hometown Park Four Seasons & Walnut Park
Homestead Park Hillsboro & Georgetown
Highlands Park Oak Street, North Aurora
Harmony Pointe 2121 W. Indian Trail Road
Harbor Springs Park Middlebury & Spinniker
Hankes Road Park Hankes Road
Hall Park 2001 Heather
Gregory Island Park Indian Trail Road
Greene Field Park Russell & Illinois
Goodwin Park Harmony & Poplar, North Aurora
Golfview Park S. Randall & Sundown
Golden Oaks Park Golden Oaks & Lone Oak Trail
Ginger Woods Park Charter Oak Lane & Drive
Gilman Trail Linear Park Route 30 to Waubonsee College
Georgetown Park Long Grove (off Route 34)
Frontenac Park East New York
Foxcroft Lake Park Elder & Birch
Fox Hill Fox Hill
Four Pointes Park McDowell & Blackwell
Fearn Park Hawksley & White Oak, North Aurora
Fairfield Way Simpson Pkwy. & Kennedy
Erickson Mini Park Robert & John, North Aurora
Eola Community Park 555 S. Eola
Edinburgh Park Cumberland & Edinburgh Ct.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Farnsworth & Grand
Deerpath Park W. Indian Trail & Deerpath
Cumberland Park Route 34 & Fox Valley
Crescent Park Cumberland Dr.
Cowherd Park Farnsworth & Front
Copley II Park 517 N. Union
Copley I Park 737 S. Lake
Cool Acres Park Route 25 south of Sullivan Road
Concord Park Prescott & Lakewood Creek Park
Clearwood Park Fox Hill & Clearwood
Church Road Park Church Road
Chesterfield Park Pine Creek Drive
Cheshire Lake Park Cheshire & Millbrook
Cherry Hill Park Manchester & Bradford
Center Street Park Center & Park
Canterbury Park Canterbury & Deerfield
Cambridge Chase Bennett & Pennsbury
Butterfield Park DuPage Pkwy. & Blue Spruce
Brooklyn Park Brooklyn & Asbury
Briarwood Park Montgomery Rd. & Bar Harbour
Breckenridge Park Breckenridge & Inverness
Bluff Street Park Bluff & LaSalle
Blackberry Trail Park Griffin & William
Blackberry Farm Barnes & Galena
Blackberry Crossing Troon Dr. & Gallant Fox Circle
Birmingham Park Legacy Drive
Barrington Park Barrington Drive W. & Kealsy
Barrington Lake Barrington Drive E. & Eola
Balmorea Park Foster, Montgomery
Austin Memorial Park Mill & Route 25
Aurora Prairie Bishop Street
Ashton Pointe Park Bromley & Cremin
Asbury Park Asbury & Glenford
Arrow Wood Commonwealth & Golden Oaks
Andover Park Andover & Middlebury
Amberwood Park Route 34 & Laurel Ridge
Amber Fields Park Vicksburg & Pagosa
Allen Park S. Farnsworth & Simms
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