Parker’s Swim School

This new program introduces progressive levels for students starting at six months old and continuing through adult. Levels are designed for specific age groups to ensure appropriate curriculum, small class sizes and highly qualified instructors.

Locations: Vaughan Athletic Center / Phillips Park Family Aquatic Center / Splash Country Water Park

Parker’s Babies (Parent/Child)

Level 1 (6M-1Y) – Children and parents are introduced to the pool through gently structured instruction. Swim diapers must be worn by children not yet potty trained.

Level 2 (1-3Y) – Students learn body positions in the water, how to float and basic safety skills.

Parker’s (Pre-k 1-4) Swim School (1-6)

Level 1 – Water Adjustment: Students with little or no swimming experience work on the basics of swimming and will become more comfortable in the water. Participants should be comfortable without a parent (Pre-K Level)

Level 2 – Swimming Basics: Students will continue to learn the basics of swimming and will work on body positioning in the water as well as moving more independently. Students will improve their front and back glide, floating skills, and arm and leg movements for freestyle and backstroke.

Level 3 – Swimming Stamina: Students build on their basic skills, including front and back gliding, floating, and arm and leg movements for freestyle and backstroke. To complete this level swimmers must be able to swim the width of the pool using both freestyle and backstroke.

Level 4 – Stroke Fundamentals: Students will learn the importance of rhythmic breathing and freestyle movements while continuing to build their endurance. Students will be learning the basics of breaststroke and butterfly by being introduced to the kick.  To complete this level, swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool in both freestyle and backstroke.

Level 5 – Stroke Advancement: Swimmers will boost their endurance and enhance their skills learned in Level 4; participants will add to their knowledge of Breast stroke and butterfly by introducing and combining arm and leg movement. To complete this level, participants must be able to swim two lengths of the pool using freestyle with rhythmic breathing and backstroke and be comfortable in breaststroke.

Level 6 – Stroke Refinement: This lesson helps refine participants competitive swim strokes to better prepare them for more advanced swimming.

Parker’s Pros

Junior Lifeguarding: Learn what it’s like to be a lifeguard! In this class Participants will learn all about being a professional lifeguard; safety information, lifesaving skills, working with a team, and more!

Conditioning: Run swim team drills with an experienced swimmer/coach! In this class participants will run different drills and workouts similar to what would be expected on a competitive team.  Throughout this class, students will continue to further develop and refine their competitive strokes.

Aquatic Adventure: Students will learn about recreational water activities beyond swimming, including water polo, canoeing, snorkeling and more.

Adult Swim Lessons

Teen and Adult Level 1 – This class focuses on front float, back float and general arm and leg motions for swimming freestyle and backstroke. To complete the level, swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.

Teen and Adult Level 2 – Students continue to work on freestyle and backstroke, as introduced in level 1, and begin learning breaststroke and butterfly. To complete this level, swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle and backstroke without any assistance. Swimmers will be tested the first day to ensure they are in the correct level.

Private Swim Lessons

Private Lessons $94(R) / $141(N): Four one-on-one, 30-minute lessons with skilled instructors are available. Instructors may be requested, but availability will vary.

Semi-Private Lessons $64(R) / $96(N): Four semi-private, 30-minute lessons of two or more students of similar ability available.

Contact Dan Chambers at with questions or to register.