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Fox Valley Park District offers endless opportunities for youth and adults to enjoy indoor and outdoor sports.
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Sports Affiliates

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Private Baseball Lessons

Private baseball lessons available. For more information, please call Eola Community Center at 630-851-8990, Prisco Community Center at 630-859-8606 or Vaughan Athletic Center at 630-907-9600.

Private Volleyball Lessons

Youth players will maximize their abilities to compete at the highest level while also learning valuable life skills. The Cyclones Volleyball coaching staff brings its experience and expertise to help players excel rapidly. Individual and semi-private lessons are available. For information, call Mike Kenny at the Vaughan Athletic Center at 630-907-9600, ext. 1114.

Cyclones Volleyball

Cyclones Volleyball Club provides high-level training by staff dedicated to helping individuals reach their goals, whether that is playing on their high school varsity team, playing collegiate volleyball, or being successful in life. Cyclones stresses the development of fundamental techniques through quality repetition and provides players enough practice time to develop the core skills required to compete at a high level.

Tryouts for this program start in September. Practices during the season are held at the Vaughan Athletic Center. Call Mike Kenny at 630-907-9600, ext. 1114 for more information.

Tennis Programs

Vaughan Tennis Center offers lessons for all ages and abilities! Learn more

Open Gym

Open gym is available at Prisco and Eola Community Centers and Vaughan Athletic Center. Times listed are subject to change to accommodate leagues and programs. Players must obtain a Park District ID to participate in open gym programs.

Batting Cages

All three community centers have batting cages that may be rented by the hour. Each is equipped with a manual pitching machine, where users can feed balls at their own pace. It has adjustable speeds for different ages and levels – from youth to adult – and can be used for either baseball or softball. Balls are provided, but players should bring their own bats and helmets. Vaughan has temporary mounds that can be used inside the cages for those who want to brush up on their pitching skills. Note: There is no bat-to-ball contact allowed outside of the cages (this includes soft toss with Wiffle balls or other soft balls). The cages also can be used to practice golf.

For batting cage hours, call…

Eola Community Center at 630-851-8990
Prisco Community Center at 630-859-8606
Vaughan Athletic Center at 630-907-9600.

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