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Creative Play and Nature Play Preschool Blog: 2018-19

Welcome to our blog for Creative Play and Nature Play preschool programs. On behalf of our dedicated preschool teachers, we’re excited to bring this new feature that will encourage stronger ties between home and school.

Our goal is to bring parents inside the school doors and provide frequent updates on what’s happening with your child in the classroom and beyond. Families and schools belong together, and when parents are informed and involved with their child’s learning it benefits the entire educational process.

For updates, click on your teachers’ name/class to get the latest classroom news. Please visit often – we always have lots going on as our young students are busy learning, growing and progressing daily!



Deedee Buscher
Preschool Coordinator

Pre-K / 2s




Mrs. Johnson/
Ms. Sharon

Ms. Shelli/
Mrs. Edwards

Ms. Holly/
Mrs. Marzano

Ms. Tracy 2s

Ms. Kim 3s

Miss Marie 3s

Ms. Anki 3s

Ms. Linda 3s

Ms. Tiffany 3s

Ms. Sevinj 3s

Ms. Kim/Ms. Anki 3s

Mrs. Price 3s

Mrs. Tracy 3s

Ms. Wendy 3s

Mrs. Doyle 4s

Mrs. Lazzara 4s

Mrs. Prasanna 4s

Ms. Linda 4s

Ms. Poulomi 4s



Ms. Laura Pre-K

Miss Joann 2s

Miss Joann 3s

Miss Randi 3s

Miss Randi 4s

Ms. Alex 4s Bilingual


Blackberry Farm

Ms. Erin/
Ms. Michaela Pre-K

Miss Kim/
Miss Laura 3s

Miss Kim/
Miss Laura 4s


Red Oak

Ms. Amy/Ms. Sandra 3s

Ms. Amy/Ms. Sandra 4s


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