Fox Valley Park District

Skate Parks

Hupp Skate Park
Corner of Illinois Avenue and Orchard Road, Aurora, Illinois

Wheatlands Park
Barrington Drive and Spinnaker Drive, Aurora, Illinois

The Fox Valley Park District skate parks are environments built for skateboarding, rollerskating and biking. The quarter pipes, handrails, ramps and more provide space for practicing skating tricks and skills.

Note: Insurance regulations require that skaters and bikers not use the park at the same time.


Open Year-Round
Sunrise to one hour past sunset
Skates / Skateboards: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Bikes: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
For additional park information, call 630-897-0516

Skate Park Guidelines

CAUTION: Inline skating, skateboarding and biking are high risk recreational activities with inherent risks of serious injury.

• All users are responsible for inspecting equipment prior to use to ensure that it has not been vandalized and is safe.
• The skate park is unsupervised and participants skate at their own risk.
• Proper protective equipment such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. is strongly recommended.
• No personally owned ramps, boxes or other devices may be brought into the facility.
• No glass allowed in the skating area. Place litter in trash receptacles.
• Be courteous of neighbors and other skaters. No profanity or loud music.

Fox Valley Park District Rules & Regulations

Fox Valley Park District Park Police & Public Safety

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