Tasty Tuesday

I hope that you all enjoyed Music Monday.  Today is Tasty Tuesday.  I have attached the information from NAEYC about Tasty Tuesday.  The concept behind Tasty Tuesday is cooking with your children and instilling healthy eating habits.  Many different skills can be incorporated into cooking—counting, one to one correspondence, fine and gross motor skills, oral language skills and nutrition.  Today would be a good day to search for a new recipe to try making with your child or share a special family recipe.  While making that special recipe, relay the importance of the recipe and the memories that go with it to make it so special. Is the recipe associated with your family background?  Was it made for special occasions?  Food can provide many wonderful memories for you and your child. My boys and I used to bake together a lot when they were in preschool.  They loved measuring and pouring and then eating what they created.  Now they love when I make our family favorite recipes.  I tell them stories about its origin and the memories that I have of eating that particular dish with my family.


I would love to see pictures of your child in action cooking.  After preparing the food, have your child draw a picture of their experience and have them dictate a sentence or two for you to record on the picture.  Cooking with your children may take longer, but it is such a wonderful learning experience and memory creator.  Enjoy!