Speckled Frogs

Today I am including the link for a favorite song among the preschool crowd—5 Green and Speckled Frogs.  https://youtu.be/6wM0AIb3BTE  You can build an entire day around this song learning, singing, counting, and creating. First, have your child watch the video a couple of times and sing along with it doing the movements.  Then you can review what the numbers 1-5 look like.  Your child can write the numbers, draw the correct number of items to go with the numeral, count forwards and backwards and review the ordinal numbers that go with them.  Moving forward, have your child draw a “speckled” log and 5 “speckled” frogs and discuss the meaning of that word with them.  Your child can cut the frogs out and put them on the log as you sing the song together. Finally, you can do some research on a frog’s  life cycle or view the video of The Caterpillar and the Polliwog again to spark that discussion. Be creative and incorporate as many skills into the day as possible.


On a funny note that truly made me giggle this morning, my 23 year old son Kyle came down the stairs singing the song as I had it on YouTube this morning.  He is a graduate of Creative Play and still remembers it!