Outside letter fun and evaporation!

I love waking up to the sun and knowing that it is going to be around for most of the day.  It makes the day so much better and puts me in a much better mind-set.  With the forecast for gloomy and cold weather over the weekend, I thought we should take the opportunity to go outside and practice forming letters today.  A fun way to do this is to take a paint brush and water and “paint” letters on the sidewalk.  .  Parents, you can model how to write the letters or you can bring an alphabet book outside with you.  While making the letters, talk about the sounds they make and what words begin with those sounds. For older children, practice writing three letter words with the sounds that they are familiar with.  The sun will cause the letters to fade and disappear which can lead to a conversation on evaporation. I am including a link to YouTube for a video on evaporation for children. https://youtu.be/iRLqAhaniyg  This activity combines literacy, fine motor skill development, and science.