January 25-29th 2021

Hello Parents,

This week in PM Pre-K our letter was Ll and our popcorn words were had, so and go. We have been working hard on the ending sounds of words and the children have been doing a great job locating letters in our alphabet train. Our sign words were airplane and bus.
Our theme was still transportation focusing on air and water. We made airplanes, hot air balloons and sail boats. The kids are also really doing well and using those cutting skills.
For math we finished up our unit on left and right directions playing the hokey pokey and we used fun stick people to be able to help us with those directions as well.
In large motor we played “red light green light”, “mother may I “, as well as we enjoyed the snow outside and the gym.
Please don’t forget no school next Friday the 5th as we will have conferences. Have a great weekend!