February 22-26th 2021

Hello Parents!  We had a fun week finishing up our space theme this week. We talked about how many planets there are, how Earth is our planet and learned several fun facts about the planets, such as, Mars is the “red planet”, Venus is the hottest planet, Jupiter is our largest planet and Saturn has the most rings around it.
We made planet collages for art, as well as, silly aliens, chalk colored astronauts and model Earth.
Our letter this week was Nn and we learned to how to take apart compound words, worked in our phone numbers and used our alphabet train for abc order.
We finished up our longer and shorter unit for math and continued to use objects in the classroom to make comparisons.
We used the gym for larger motor, as well as, used some of our favorite games to play.
A big thank you to all the parents for the privilege and honor of being able to teach your children.  They are amazing and are going to do great things .  It has been a wonderful experience and I love them each dearly. You will always be in my mind and heart. Please keep in touch.  Thank you again.  ❤️