February 15th-19th 2021

Hello Parents!!!!  This week in PM Pre-K our theme was Space. We talked about the sun, moon and stars. We learned that the sun is a star and our planet is Earth and it has only one moon. We also discussed that the moon gets its light from the sun and we talked about how the stars make pictures in the sky called constellations. The children also learned a song about the planets.
In art we made space helmets, constellations and rocket ships.  Our letter this week was Ee and our popcorn words were is, how and stop.  We are now up to twenty one popcorn words so please continue to practice at home. We are working hard on all of our phonic skills as well.
For math we started our unit on longer and shorter a d the kids are using items in the classroom for measuring and comparing length.
We had fun playing in the gym this week and learning a rocket ship song that we got to blast off and fly like space ships.  Have a wonderful weekend!