Birds! Birds! Birds!

The sun is shining again this morning!  Yay!  Today, I’d like you to take some time to take a walk or spend some time outside having your child use their senses of sight and hearing to find birds.  Bring a clipboard or hardcover book with you and some paper and crayons.  Have your child draw the birds that they see.  Ask your child how you think the birds might  feel when it is sunny, cold, rainy etc.  Continue the conversation by asking them how they feel in the different types of weather and why.  Some of the birds you might see in our area are robins, cardinals, crows, goldfinches, doves and many others.  When you go inside, ask your child which bird they liked best and do a bit of research on the internet about them to learn a fact or two.  Finally, take a look at the attached picture and have your child make a rocking bird.  This is a very simple project with very little prep.  Your child can color it with crayons, markers, etc. and then add paper scraps for the other bits like the wings, feathers, and eyes.  This is a fun project! They can either make a bird like one they saw or create their very own!