Ms. Wendy 3s – Eola

Miss Wendy's 3's Class April 28 - May 3

On The Farm And At The Zoo! We have had so much fun the last couple weeks talking and learning about the various animals we see in the different places we visit! We started in the farm and then traveled to the zoo! ;) First, we talked about what a farm is, who works on… Read More

Miss Wendy 3's Class - April 8-12

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... Blast Off!!!! This week we learned all about our solar system! The kids learned a song about the planets and did an awesome job at memorizing the order of all of our planets! We talked about what our solar system is made up of, constellations, the Galaxy we live… Read More

March 18-22 - Ms Wendy's 3's Class

This week we finished up our lesson on the ocean and we discussed community helpers and talked about what careers we would like to have in the future. We had a blast talking about all the possibilities! ;) We spent a lot of time this week working our fine motor skills by cutting, tracing and… Read More

March 11-15 Ms Wendy's 3's Class

Under The Sea! This week we talked about "O" is for Ocean! We talked about the creatures who live in the ocean, what we like about the ocean, how many oceans there are, and - if we lived in the ocean, which creature would we be?? ;) In our Math center, we talked about the… Read More

March 4-8 Ms Wendy's 3's Class

Let's talk Shamrocks! This week we talked about the "Sh" sound. We listed various words that start with the "sh" sound, explored the history of St. Patrick's Day and chatted about different things we see each day that are the color green. Since we learned the colors of the rainbow last week, we also talked… Read More

Feb 21 & 23 - Miss Wendy's 3's Class

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear what do you see? I see Miss Wendy's class smiling at me! 🐻 This week we talked all about teddy bears! We talked about the letter "T" and other words that begin with the "T" sound. we spent a lot of time talking about the purpose of a teddy bear. And… Read More

February 4-15 - Miss Wendy's 3's Class

Will you be my Valentine?? 💓💓 💓 Even though the last two weeks were short, we remained very busy! We have been practicing our letter sounds and matching our "Mommy" letters with our "Baby" letters. We love playing matching games - and we are really good at it! We talked a lot about shapes during… Read More

Miss Wendy's 3's Class - Jan 23-31

The past two weeks have been full of crazy weather! - which is great because weather is exactly what we have been learning about!! We have been discussing snow and ice and how to dress when it is cold outside! We performed a super cool science project by making our own snow. We used baking… Read More

Miss Wendy's 3's Class - Jan 14-18

Let's talk about Snowmen!! This week we talked about Snowmen and all the fun things we can do in the snow! We kicked off our week by discussing the letter "S". We traced the letter and then talked about the sound it makes and some words that start with "S" - like SNOWMAN! We also… Read More

Miss Wendy - January 7-11

Happy New Year and welcome back!! We had such a fun and eventful week. This week was all about Penguins! 🐧 We began our week by discussing where penguins live, what colors they are, what they eat, how they keep warm and that even though they are a bird, they do not fly. We looked… Read More