Ms. Tiffany 3s - Eola

Polar Bears And Penquins

Hello everyone. We began our week with the story How Do You Hide A Polar Bear?  We all agree that polar bears and their cubs are adorable!  We discussed that all bears are very protective of their cubs and although they are cute, they are dangerous animals and we cannot give them a hug.  Did… Read More

January 11 - January 15

Hello everyone, We began our week learning to recognize and sound out the letter Ii.    We decorated icicles when discussing the long sound of letter Ii, and igloos for the short sound.  We looked for the letter Ii in our names and also our classmates names.     There was lots of winter science fun… Read More

Welcome back!

Hello everyone, Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!  We were all very happy to get back to class and be with our friends.  This week we shared at circle time about our holiday fun, and we welcomed Winter as I introduced the letter Ww.   We brainstormed winter… Read More

Holiday fun!

Hello everyone, We began our week wrapping up our gifts for our grown ups.  We had so much fun decorating and feel so happy sharing this gift with you! We used our tongs and jingle bells, pom poms, and buttons to sort into our green and red stars.   This is a fun activity that strengthens… Read More

'R' Is For Reindeer

Hello everyone, This week we had lots of fun singing our holiday songs we have been practicing!  After our performance we learned new songs to sing and dance to.  We sang Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, and Jingle Bells and   STOP!  With this song, we had to listen to what action to take next… Read More

Have You Seen Trees?

Hello everyone! We began our week in preschool with the story Have You Seen Trees?  This is one of my favorite books because it describes the trees (tall, high, short, small, wide) and illustrates the trees through the seasons beautifully.  The end of the story brings the Evergreens.   There were a few students who shared… Read More

Family and Friends

Hello everyone! We all enjoyed sharing about our family and friends this week.  Each student took a turn to share what their family looks like.   I read Families, a book that illustrates how not all families look the same, and they all LOVE each other.   On Wednesday, we shared our favorite activities we enjoy… Read More

Fun with shapes!

Hello everyone! This week we read Pick A Circle, Gather Squares, an autumn story that had us finding shapes all around us.  There was beautiful weather on Monday, and we searched and found lots of shapes outside in the windows, side walk, playground, etc.  We also took time to play our favorite game outside on… Read More

November 3 - November 7

Hello everyone, We were as busy as a squirrel this week in preschool!  The weather could not have been more beautiful, and we enjoyed it.  We played in the leaves with our friends, watched the squirrels eat off of a corn cob, and then he scampered away with it.  So far, we can only find… Read More

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone! We began our week with a story called Who Said Boo?  I asked the students to listen for words that sound the same or rhyme.  The rhyming words we found were boo, coo, shoe, moo, and who.   The students enjoyed learning the W-H-I-T-E song we practiced this week, especially when the white ghost… Read More