Ms. Tiffany 3s - Eola

May 7th - May 9th

In light of this being our last couple of weeks together, we have been enjoying our favorite areas and activities, in the classroom, with our friends.  We have been practicing our favorite songs for our Promotion Day, coming up on Thursday. We were introduced the the letter Z, for zoo and zebra.  We read "Little Gorilla",… Read More

May 4, 2019

I cant believe the calendar says May!  This week we welcomed the new month of May by adding flowers to count on the calendar.  We  discussed that all the rain we are getting is going to give life to the beautiful flowers we can bring mom on Mother's Day.  We decorated a surprise for Mother's… Read More

April 26, 2019

This week in class we read "Have You Seen The Trees".  This is a book that we revisited this week, as we read it last fall while discussing the colors of fall leaves.  This time we focused on the beautiful buds and flowers on the spring trees.  In honor of Earth Day, we discussed the… Read More

Fun with eggs, bunnies, and chicks!

This week in class we enjoyed two stories, Chicken Little, and Nobunny's Perfect.  Our story time on Tuesday included, Chicken Little.  At the end of the story, we discussed what had really happened.   We found that Chicken Little needed to look around for something that might have plopped him on the head, and think… Read More

April Showers...

This week we read two stories about weather, Rabbits And Raindrops, and The Wind Blew.  At circle time we each had a chance to play with a rain stick, taking turns to make the trickling sound.  We then decided we could make our own rain shower, so we all rubbed our hands together to create… Read More

Groovy Cat Week

This week we read stories about a groovy cat named Pete.  Our first story was Pete The Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons.   Pete the cat was very proud of his four groovy, round and colorful buttons.  When his buttons began to pop off and roll away,  the story had us counting backwards from four… Read More

Things That Go!

This week we were able to welcome spring by getting outside to play and enjoy a beautiful day!   We explored transportation as we discussed all things that go!  We charted what ways we could travel (land, air, water) using our transportation counters (bus, train, boat, airplane, car).  We looked at the globe and noticed the… Read More

Letter G is for Green and Gold

This week we were introduced to a few new songs connecting with our green and gold theme.  We learned a new friendship song, "Make New Friends And Keep The Old, One Is Silver And The Other Gold".  We clapped out the letters in our "G-r-e-e-n" song, and on Thursday we sang about "5 Little Leprechauns".… Read More

February 21

We were all excited to get back together this week in preschool!  This short week was very busy.  We talked about the number 4 and we brainstormed things that come in groups of 4.  (wheels on the car, and seasons of the year).  We practiced grouping sets of 4 with our fruit counting toys.  We… Read More

Hearts and Love!

Heart shapes were everywhere in class this week, as decorated our classroom and created valentines for our special valentine.  We used our hands to find our heart beats during circle time.  Some of us had a hard time feeling it, so we added music, dancing, and hopping, and we tried again.  We found it!!  We… Read More