Ms. Shelli/Mrs. Edwards Pre-K - Eola

PreK Graduation 2019

Congratulations and Happy Graduation Day to all of our Froggy Friends in Room 101!  We are so proud of you and know you will do well in Kindergarten next year!  Have a safe and fun summer!… Read More

PreK Silly Week: May 6 - 10

This was our last full week of regular classes in PreK!  To celebrate, we had a different silly theme and fun activities each day.  We started our week with pajamas & pancakes on Monday and then had a crazy, twisted day on Tuesday.  Wednesday was board game day, which was the kids' favorite day this… Read More

PreK Camping Week: April 29 - May 3

This week was full of fun activities! On Monday, the SciTech Museum mobile StarLab came to Eola. We got to "see the stars" and learn more about constellations and the moon.  We also got to make our own space helmets!  On Wednesday, we visited the Eola Library for a special camping-themed storytime.  We sang, listened… Read More

Pre-K Community Helpers Week: April 15-18

We started our Community Helpers/Careers unit this week, which has been super fun! We talked about all kinds of jobs and pretended to do lots jobs during playtime.  We set up a classroom post office and wrote letters to our friends and family.  We even got to do a REAL job at the water table...we… Read More

PreK Pond Week 2: April 8 - 12

This week, we continued our study of ponds and frogs.  We learned about the life cycle of frogs and watch our very own tadpole, Mr. Taddypants, turn into a froglet!  We also found out that he will turn into a common leopard frog. We completed our second Artist Study for the Art Fair this week. … Read More

PreK Five Senses Week: April 2 - 5

We are back to school after a long Spring Break!  This week, we began studying ponds through the five senses.  We went on a nature hunt on Tuesday and found some pretty birds.  We played a "Guess the Sound" game on our class tablet and played in our pond-themed water table.  We tried some new… Read More

Pre-K Space Week: March 18 - 22

This week was all about space! We learned some big words (ignition, control panel, astronaut, etc) and looked at some space images on our new class tablet.  We also created lots of space art, including a three-day space scene!  Our class also really enjoyed playing with our STEAM toys and centers.  We created our own… Read More

PreK Science Week: March 11 - 15

This week was all about science and math! On Monday and Tuesday, we finished our Dinosaurs Unit.  We painted with toy dinosaur feet, used rulers to make art and read a funny book called "Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs." On Wednesday, we ventured out into the chilly, damp weather to learn about Maple Tapping at… Read More

PreK Dinosaur Week: March 4-8

This week, we started a new unit about dinosaurs and paleontologists.  The class has really enjoyed learning how to say dinosaur names and discovering what paleontologists do.  We made our own salt dough fossil casts and came up with our own dinosaurs.  We read lots of books and played some new dinosaur games.  On Monday,… Read More

PreK Literacy Week: Feb 20 - 22

This week, we began our Literacy & Libraries learning unit!  We looked at different types of books and discussed how to take care of books.  Next week, we will be learning about parts of a book and story elements.  We will also be visiting the Eola Library next week! This week we worked on some… Read More