Ms. Sevinj 3s - Eola

May 14-16

Hello everybody ! We had fun and exciting last week of school year at Creative Play . Tuesday was our field day. What a beautiful day we had. It was so much fun with different activities ! Thursday was our promotion ceremony. The kids sang and performed and did a great job. I want thank… Read More

May 7-9

Hi all, We had a very busy week ! We worked on Morher’s Day gift and learned numbers 9 and 10 . We decorated our classroom windows with beautiful flowers. We finished our evaluations and i will send them home on the last day of school . Field day is May 14th . May 16-th… Read More

April 23-25

Hello, This week we learned about ocean life and sea creatures. We made group project and named it Under The Sea🐠🐬🐳🐋 We learned interesting facts about dolphins and other sea creatures . For art project we made dolphin finger painting. We visited library  with Ms. Tiffany’s class and Ms. Mindy read several books and some… Read More

April 16-18

Hello everybody ! This week we talked about the Easter eggs , Chicks and Bunnies. We talked about the oval shape of an egg . For art project we made cute chicks and bird nests . Our science experiment was egg rolling. We rolled an egg (hard boiled) down the table and timed how many… Read More

April 7-9

Hello, This week we talked about Rainbows and the beautiful colors they give us. Our letter of the week was “R”. The children practiced cutting by cutting different strips of colored paper. They learned a rainbow is colored light seen in the sky when rays of the sun strike falling raindrops. Rainbows are curved because raindrops… Read More

April 2-4

Hi all, Welcome back! I hope you all had a great spring break! This week we talked about Spring and weather, we made various art projects such as painting leaves on a tree cut out and gluing pink tissue paper for flowers. We worked on numbers 7 and 8, learned our new letters Uand R… Read More

March 19-21

We finished our Transportation unit by focusing on things that transport by air🛫🚁🚀and by water 🛶🛳🛥. We also talked about buses,  cars,  trains and bikes and why do we need transportation , how important it is in our lives. For art project we painted race cars and glued on numbers . We also made traffic… Read More

March 5-7

Hello everybody ! This week we talked about Pets🐶🐟🐈🦜🐇 We learned how important to take care of your pet if you have one , give them care and be responsible. We made Puppis and cats to decorate the classroom windows . For dramatic area we had Vets that were taking care of pets :) We… Read More

February 21

We had a short week! We began to talk about the subject of ART, for our Creative Play ART FAIR in April. We worked on a group mural using white and red paint on black paper and made sponge stamp polka dots for our Art Fair project. We also made individual glitter polka dot art… Read More

February 12-14

We had full of love and fun time as we celebrated Valentine’s Day! We made cards for our parents and decorated treat bags; we learned numbers7 and 8 and letter V. It was so much fun making friendship braclets and giving each other as a gift. For story time we read book “My love to… Read More