Ms. Marie 3s - Eola

Checking In Week 2!

Hi Class!  I continue to think of you this week❤️  I miss our learning time together 😟 I hope that you are getting Mrs. Buscher’s DAILY E-MAILS with activities to do and to have fun with while you are learning at home.   I’m pretty sure the activities also appear on Mrs. Buscher’s Blog which… Read More

Checking In ✔️

Hi Miss Marie’s 3’s & Parents /Guardians!  Just a brief check in to let you know that I hope you are all doing good while we all adjust to our temporary “ new normal” 👍 I am missing my Students, but I know that they continue to thrive from being with their most important Teachers… Read More


What an appropriate UNIT this week...Healthy Me 😀. Our Letters Of The Week were Ee & Ww 👏🏻 We began our week discussing good dental habits!  Did you know that we have 20 teeth?  When we get older we will have 24 teeth! 😁 We all contributed to our discussion on how we can care for our… Read More

SPRINGING forward ⏰👉🏼

This week we talked all about WEATHER ⛅️🌧⛈🌨💨☀️🌈   Our LETTERS of the week were Kk & Vv!!  We continue to practice and to grow our phonics and our literacy skills during our time together.  It is always fun to “sound out” and count the syllables in our letters of the week and to identify various words, including our… Read More

Air ✈️🚁 & Sea ⛵️🛳

We finished our Transportation Unit discussing and exploring Air and Water Transportation!  Our Letters of the week were Bb & Nn. Discussions and sharing are an important part of our Morning Circle. We talked a lot about Air and Water Travel and we came up with various ways to transport through the Air and through… Read More

Beep, Beep...Land Transportation🚦

We had a fun week discussing and engaging in the Unit-Land Transportation 🚗🚕🚌🚛🚜🚲🚂 Our letters of the week were Cc & Uu! How many different types of vehicles operate on land?  We came up with a long list!  We discussed various land vehicles during Morning Circle and we then played a “match the vehicle” game!  It… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day 💌

We had a festive week talking about Valentine’s Day and things we can do to celebrate.  Our letters of the week were very appropriate ~Ll & Hh ❤️ We started our week by discussing feelings and emotions. 🥰😀🤪☹️ We passed a Valentine Heart to our neighbor during Morning Circle and told our neighbor something that… Read More

...Early SPRING according to Phil 👏🏻

We began our week with some of our own you think Punxsutawney Phil, the Groundhog,  saw his shadow or not on Groundhog Day 2-2-20? Four of us thought he saw his shadow and 6 of us thought he did not see his shadow...drumroll please 🥁...Phil did NOT see his shadow which means that we will… Read More