Ms. Linda 3s - Eola

April 6-10

This week we have spent finishing up end of year projects and talking about our Moms as we look forward to Mothers Day this weekend.  We read books about moms and how they are important to us.  Our moms take care of us and love us unconditionally and we appreciate all the things that they… Read More

April 29-May 3

Oh butterfly, oh butterfly, which part of you is butter?  We asked ourselves this question as we learned about caterpillars and butterflies.  We listened to a story about a caterpillar and enjoyed the colorful puppet who told the story.  We also listened to a nature cd which featured sounds of crickets, birds, wolves and other… Read More

April 22-26

Our earth consists of various geographical areas and resources and this week our three year olds learned about our wonderful planet and the ways we can take care of it for ourselves and the creatures we share it with.  Since Earth Day was Monday, we used this opportunity to open up a discussion about how… Read More

April 15-19

Our three year olds are getting excited about the upcoming Easter holiday and there is magic in the air as we anticipate the arrival of the Easter Bunny this weekend.  We read a book about a boy named Jack, a giant and a magic jelly bean stalk.  By looking at the cover of the book… Read More

April 8-12

This week our three year olds delved into a unit on seeds, plants, trees and flowers.  We learned that seeds can travel by air, water, animals and even people.  We read a book about a girl who wanted to grow a flower and fed it some of her favorite foods such as spaghetti, hamburgers, pizza… Read More

April 1-5t

This week our three year olds explored outer space .  We enjoyed reading  books with rhyming words and we even came up with a couple of our own.  We wondered how long it would take to get to the moon and after making some best guesses ( 10 minutes to a million minutes) we Googled… Read More

March 11-15

This week our three year olds took a make believe ride on a hot air balloon as we read a book about Curious George and his exciting ride.  Afterwards we discussed the book and while none of us have ever flown in a hot air balloon, there were many of us who have flown in… Read More

March 4-8

Our three year olds explored the ocean deep this week as we dived into a variety of activities.  We read a couple of books about sea creatures and listened to music from Disney's Little Mermaid movie.  We learned a bit about the author Leo Lionni , a famous children's author and illustrator who we are… Read More

February 19-23

This week was a shorter one due to a teacher inservice on Tuesday.  We explored a unit on music and listened to a story about jazz performers.  While listening to a jazz music cd we identified a horn, piano and saxophone.  In our art segment, we continued listening to the music and talked about how… Read More

February 11-15

Valentines and friends were on our minds this week.  We began with a Valentine action rhyme which had us up moving and grooving.  We read a book about a little rabbit and a big rabbit and their love for each other followed by a math vocabulary activity where we identified things that were high, wide… Read More