Ms. Linda 3s - Eola

March 1-5

Our three year olds explored the ocean deep this week as we dived into a variety of activities to help us learn more about our great planet.  We used a globe to give us a better view of how our planet is covered in water and we observed that while we could get into a… Read More

February 15-19

While this week was a bit shorter due to Presidents Day, it was still packed with fun and interesting things to do for our three year olds.   We read a whimsical book about snowmen at work and the many occupations there are to choose from.  While some of us already know what we want… Read More

February 8-12

Valentines and friends were on our minds this week.  We began with a Valentine action/counting activity that had us up moving and grooving. We read a book about a little rabbit and a big rabbit and their love for each other and we talked about how this reminded us of how much our families love… Read More

February 1-5

This week our three year olds enjoyed learning about dinosaurs.  These fascinating creatures lived and died a long time ago before there were houses, cars, roads or people.  Scientists have been able to dig up bones which have been left behind and put them together like a puzzle to help us get an idea of… Read More

January 25-29fac

This week we covered a unit on health and our bodies.  We read a book about Froggy and his visit to the doctor for a checkup.  Checkups help to keep us in good health but sometimes mean we have to have a shot.  We all agreed that none of us like that part very well.… Read More

January 18-22

This was a short week for our three year olds due to Martin Luther King jr.s birthday on Monday.  Bears, bears, bears.  We learned a bit about where they live and what kind of  foods they like to eat.  We read a book about bears and we learned that some bears like to live in… Read More

January 11-15

This week our focus was on polar bears and penguins .  We used a globe to locate the Artic and Antarctic regions of our world and we noticed that we live much closer to the polar bears than the penguins.  We discussed the importance of camouflage for an animal as big as a polar bear… Read More

January 4-8

Welcome back ! It was great to see everyone again after our holiday break. Winter is all about snow!  We enjoyed listening to stories about hats and mittens by the author Jan Brett, and we used the clues on each page to predict what the next part of the story might bring.  In one of… Read More

December 14-18

The past two weeks were just a whirlwind of activity for our three year old class.  We listened to holiday music, made a gift for our parents and even had time to sing a few holiday songs for our families as well.  We took full advantage of the warm weather and held our holiday sing… Read More

November30-December 4

We’ve all heard of the Elf on the Shelf,  but I don’t think any of us really expected to have one show up in our classroom.  Imagine our surprise when we were greeted by Cocoa the elf!  All the way from the North Pole!  We weren’t sure if she flew or if Santa gave her… Read More