Ms. Laura/Mrs. Gerlach 4s - Blackberry

Week of 3/1(4's)

This week we celebrated the works of Dr. Seuss. In art we created a new hat for the cat. Unifix blocks were used to create color patterns. Our dramatic play area became a library where students could check out books. Mini red cups and paper were used for stacking and making a tower! On Wacky… Read More

Week of 2/22(4's)

Lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, dolphins and monkeys are just a few of the animals we discussed during Zoo Week! In art we used our fine motor skills to either rip paper stripes for a tiger or cut paper stripes for a zebra. Our dramatic play area became a Zoo Vet Clinic to take care of… Read More

Week of 2/15(4's)

This week we learned about and discussed many different Fairy Tales. In art we painted castles with watercolor paint and decorated crowns with paint sticks. Gems were used to color sort and pattern. It was challenging to keep the wolf from getting to the Three Little Pigs and to retell story using our story puzzle.… Read More

Week of 2/8(4's)

Valentine's, love and friendship were our topics of conversation this week. In art we decorated Valentine bags and cut out and wrote Valentine's for our family. Our sensory table became a counting and sorting hearts center. It was fun (and challenging) to search our classroom for letters and pictures to count. Being armed with a… Read More

Week of 2/1(4's)

This week we learned about different sports including football,  soccer, hockey, golf, tennis and baseball. In art we designed sports jerseys by writing our last name and a favorite number and used our fine motor skills to lace (or sew)footballs. Using our fingers,  we tried to "kick" a paper football between the goal posts. Our… Read More

Week of 1/25(4's)

This week we continued with our snow and ice theme. In art we used glue and shaving cream to paint a "melted snowman". In science, we tried to predict how much water is in snow. When the snow in the jar melts will the water go over or under the mark we made? We also… Read More

Week of 1/18(4's)

This week our theme was snow and ice. In art, we painted with colorful ice. In science we used sugar cubes to construct shelters for penguins. We created "snow dough" in our sensory table.  Snow dough is 3 cups of baking soda mixed with 1/2 cup of hair conditioner. We ended the week with a… Read More

Week of 1/11(4's)

This week we learned about Arctic Animals; penguins, Polar bears, snowy owls, seals, and arctic hares, to name a few. In art we used cotton to paint a snowy owl, chalk to draw a Polar bear and pieces of black and white paper to create a penguin. Our sensory table held blocks of ice with… Read More

Week of 1/4(4's)

This week we read and discussed books written by Jan Brett: The Mitten, The Hat and Annie and the Wild Animals.   In art we designed a winter hat and drew a mitten. Our science center had snow in test tubes that we could observe as it melted. It was fun to use "loose parts"… Read More

Week of 12/7(4's)

This week we discussed and learned about two classic holiday stories: The Grinch and The Polar Express. On Monday we wore the color green and wrote our morning work in the color green as well. In art we used paint and heart shaped cookie cutters to make a Grinchy collage. Oh no! The Grinch stole… Read More