Ms. Kim/Miss Laura 3s - Blackberry

Bugs and Butterflies (3's)

Bees, fireflies, butterflies, ants and grasshoppers are  just a few of the bugs we discussed in class this week. In art, we created bug jars and name caterpillars. With playdoh we were able to make bug fossils. In our bug discovery bin, we used magnifiers to observe different types of bugs. Our caterpillar and butterfly… Read More

Farm week (3's)

We began Farm Week by discussing who lives on a farm (farmer, chickens, pigs) and what we might see on a farm(garden, tractor, barn). Our class enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a chick, making a cute chick in art and having a couple fuzzy visitors (chicks) in our class. It was also fun… Read More

Fish/Pond Life (3's)

This week we learned all about fish and pond life. We discussed what lives in pond water and we also learned about fish and turtles. We read Swimmy which is about a fish who teaches other fish to use teamwork to solve a problem,  The Rainbow Fish which teaches about sharing and we read about… Read More

Frogs and Earth Day (3's)

On Tuesday, we focused on discussing frogs and their life cycle. We created speckled frogs in art, discovered lily pads in our sensory table, jumped like frogs on lily pads outside our classroom and we got to "feed the frogs" (old parmesan cheese canister) using tweezers and plastic bugs. On Thursday, we learned about being… Read More

Seeds and Planting Week (3's)

It is amazing to see all that is happening outside....the grass is greener, tree buds are forming and sprouts are beginning to grow from the ground.....what a perfect week to be learning about seeds and planting! Our class discussed different types of plants, what plants we eat, the parts of a plant and what plants… Read More

Zoo Week (3's)

Tigers, bears, lions and giraffes are just a few of the zoo animals we discussed this week! We learned about what happens in a zoo, which animals are usually in a zoo and what a zookeeper does. Our dramatic play area became a vet center where sick animals could be taken care of. We also… Read More

Weather (3's)

This week was all about weather: rainy, sunny, stormy, snowy and cloudy. We read "Windy Day" and created crazy hair pictures. We discussed tornados and storms and practiced our bad weather drill. We also read "Little Cloud" and "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" and we created cloud art using cotton. What shape did our "cloud"… Read More

Week of 3/4-Fairy Tales(3's)

"Once upon a time" and "happily ever after" are phrases we heard often this week while discussing different fairy tales. We read about princesses, princes, fairy godmothers, the Three Little Pigs and their houses and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It was fun to use different blocks, Legos and magnet tiles to create castles!  We… Read More

Week of 2/11--Valentines (3's)

This week was all about Valentines! We read books about Valentine's Day, friends and sharing and we talked about what we love. In art, we used celery and paint to stamp a rose and leaves and create our very own valentine for our families. There was also a coloring center with heart shaped valentines. Our… Read More