Ms. Kim/Ms. Anki 3s – Eola

March 18th - March 22nd and April 1st - April 5th

These two weeks we learned about Community Workers.  We learned about Policeman, Fireman, Doctors, Construction Workers, and Farmers.  The kids had a lot of fun learning about the people in community who help us.  The children made police cars, doctor bags, construction vehicles and planted seeds.  The children had so many fun activities with the… Read More

March 10th - March 15th

This week the children worked on colors. The children picked a classmate and mixed colors with their hands and made handprints.  The children also worked on their class art project mural for the art fair.  The had a sensory table with Easter Grass and had to find gold coins and shamrocks.  The children also practiced… Read More

March 4th - Rainbows

This week we talked about Rainbows and the beautiful colors they give us.  Our letter of the week is “R”.  Our science project we created a walking rainbow.  The children practiced cutting by cutting different strips of colored paper.  The children learned how rainbows are formed from the sky because of droplets of water in… Read More

Feb. 18 - March 1 Mittens

These past two weeks our theme was Mittens.  We read the book The Mitten by Jan Brett and created our own mitten for the kids to fit into.  The children learned about animals that hibernate and animals that do not hibernate.  We also read a book called The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen and the… Read More

Feb 11-15 Valentine’s Week

This week we celebrated Valentines.  We made Valentines for our families, our classmates next door sand and for patients at a cancer center.  We made Valentine’s bracelets, decorated our Valentines bag and made a Valentine Suncatcher.… Read More

Feb. 4th - 8th Teddy Bears

This week we had a special week with our Teddy’s Bears.  We learned a Teddy’s bear dance song, they balanced Teddy Bears on a scale, and we decorated our own Teddy Bears. The children brought their own special Teddy Bears to school.  We went on a Teddy’s Bear through the library.  It was a fantastic… Read More

Penguins -1/21-1/25

This week we talked animals that live in the snow.  We focused on Antarctica and what animals live there.  We made Penguins and learned about what Penguins eat.  We learned about letter “M” and also identifing letters in their name.… Read More

Week of January 7th

This week the children learned about snowflakes.  They learned how each snowflake is different and unique, like them.  The children painted on tin foil, practicing with scissors to make a snowflake.  We learned a little snowflake song.… Read More

Christmas Pageant 12/17

This week we had a Polar Express themed day with watching parts of the movie, having popcorn and having hot chocolate.  We also made Christmas Cards and delivered them to the class next to us.  We also celebrated our Christmas pageant.  Here are some pictures...  … Read More