Ms. Kim 4s - Eola

1/18 - 1/22 Animals that hibernate

This week we talked about animals that hibernate.  We reviewed animals that are local to our environment to see if any of them hibernate and some other non-local animals. We played in ice water with animals that live in the ice water and icebergs.  The children went ice fishing in the cold water.    They… Read More

1/11 - 1/15 Snowflakes

This week we spent a lot of time in the snow.  We took a field trip outside with our sensory bins.  We emptied out the corn we have been playing with for the wild animals.  The children gathered snow into their sensory bins and we brought snow back into the classroom to play in.  We… Read More

1/4 - 1/8 Snowmen

This week our letter was F, number 10, shape star, and color blue. This week we made a snowman and then it melted.  We discussed how snow melts. We counted marshmallows to put in hot chocolate, played with magma tiles on the light table, painted with frozen glitter paint, and we mixed shaving cream and… Read More

12/7 - 12/16 The North Pole week

This week we took a trip to the North Pole. We worked on letter N, number 10, shape diamond, and the color red. We has a very busy busy week.  We worked on writing names, painted pine trees, counted lines on a tree trunk to see how old the tree is, we painted with pine… Read More

11/30 - 12/4 Holidays Around The World

This week our letter was H, our number was, shape was a Square, color was green. We talked about holidays around the world this week: Chanukah, Christmas, Ramadan, Kwanza.  They made their Christmas Tree Suncatchers, we decorated Christmas trees, made a Menorah, a Christmas Stocking, Candy Cane paint with peppermint, and ornaments to take home.… Read More

11/16/2020 Thanksgiving

This week was our Thanksgiving week.  Our letter of the week was R, number of the week was 8, our shape was a Pentagon and our color was grey. We did a lot with Turkeys, Pilgrims, and talking about what we are thankful for this week.  We made a handprint Turkey to take home as… Read More

11/9/2020 Scarecrow

This week our theme was Scarecrows.  Our letter of the week was K, number of the week was 7, our color was white, our shape was as a crescent. This week we made a special fall decoration.  We went outside, collected leaves and made a class scarecrow that we called Pumpkin Jack.  Then the children… Read More

11/2/2020 Harvest

This week our theme was harvest. Letter of the week was T, Number of the week was 6, shape of the week was Oval, and our color of the week was brown. It was a really fun week.  The children played with corn kernels in their sensory bin.  We used balanced corn kernels with other… Read More

10/26 - Monsters Week

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  🎃👻  Letter: M          Number: 5 Color: Yellow    Shape: Diamond This week we kept with the Halloween theme week of funny Monsters.  We took our pumpkin that we tried to make explode with rubber bands and made it into a Jack-o-Lantern.  The kids really loved seeing it all lit… Read More

10/19- Ghosts and Goblins

This week we started the Halloween theme.  Our weekly items were letter C, number 4, color black, and shape rectangle.  We read the 5 little pumpkins short story and watched the video.  The children the cut out their own pumpkins and glued them to popsicle sticks, and put them on a fence.  We also learned… Read More