Ms. Holly/Mrs. Marzano Pre-K - Eola

May 13th-17th

What a fun and exciting last week here in PM-Pre-K. We had reviewed a lot of our math concepts this week, our phonic blends and letters too. We practiced for big graduation ceremony and read some books about going off to kindergarten. On Wednesday was our field day. What a beautiful day we had. Fun… Read More

May 6th-10th

In PM-Pre-K this week we celebrated mom and Mother’s Day!  We made a lot of special projects for mom. We ended our week with a Mother’s Day Tea, where the kids sang for the moms, enjoyed some treats and spent some “mom and me” time. We work on SH for our phonic blend, reviewed six… Read More

April 29th-May 3rd

This week in PM Pre-K it was dinosaur week!!!!  We talked about carnivores and herbivores and what the word extinct means. The kids were able to name several different dinosaurs and we measured an actual dinosaur foot print and found that 15 of our feet could fit in one!  Our phonic blend this week was… Read More

April 22nd-April 26th

This week in PM Pre-K we focused on the Sp blend and words that start with Sp. In math we finished up our longer and shorter unit and work with measuring things. Our review letters were R, I, P, B and F.  Our theme this week was Ocean animals so we went “under the sea”… Read More

The week of April 15th-19th

In our PM-Pre-K class week worked on the blend CH and the we talked about it’s sound and different words that started with ch and ended with ch.  Popcorn words this week were in, out, and let. In math we were working on longer and shorter and measuring different object for comparison. Our theme this… Read More

The week of April 8th-12th

In PM Pre-K this week we introduced our last letter of the year Zz (Can’t believe how fast it went). We made zebras out of letter Z and worked on it’s sound and words that start with Zz. In math we finished up with counting back from 10 and putting numbers in sequence. We had… Read More

April 1st-5th

In PM Pre-K this week we introduced the letter Yy, it’s sound and words that start with Yy, as well as, show and tell that also went with letter Yy. Our popcorn words were but, here and let. The theme this week was insects and butterflies. We talk about different bugs, looked at them under… Read More

March 18th-22nd

Spring was our theme in PM-PreK this week. We talked about how things grow in the spring and that it is a season, and a time of planting, as well as, some animals having their babies. We made umbrellas, raindrops, baby chicks and handprint flowers for art. Our popcorn words were run, jump and hop… Read More

March 11th-15th

PM Pre-K St. Patrick’s day week. We had a lot of fun this week making St. Patrick’s day art, there were rainbows, pots of gold, shamrocks and of course leprechauns!!!☘️☘️   We had a tiny “visitor” in our classroom on Friday that left a mess and some fun treats. Our letter this week was Vv… Read More

March 4th-8th

This week in PM-PreK our theme was weather.  We talked about all different kinds of weather and we practiced in case of severe weather, such as, a tornado.  We talked about how to stay calm and to follow what the adult says to do to stay safe. In math we are working on numbers 31-50… Read More