Ms. Holly/Mrs. Annette Pre-K - Eola

March 9th-13th

This week in PM Pre-K our theme was St Patrick’s Day. We discussed the colors of the rainbow and how we can use ROY G BIV to remember the colors. We painted shamrocks, made pots of gold, leprechaun hats and water colored leprechaun pictures. Our letter was V and we have been working on learning… Read More

March 2nd-6th

It was Dr Seuss week this week in PM Pre-K. We read the Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, The Foot book and Green Eggs and Ham.  In art we made Cat in the Hat hats, Thing one and Two, a plate of green eggs and ham and a red and blue fish… Read More

February 24th-28th

In PM Pre-K this week we focused on letter K, it’s sound and words that start with that letter. We have also been working on all lower case letters. The children have done an excellent job in learning their addresses too. In math we finished up our unit on lighter/heavier using real objects in the… Read More

February 17th-21st

In PM Pre-K this week we introduced our “space unit”. We blasted off in rocket ships to the moon, and discussed fun fact ms about the sun and moon, like the sun is a star and the moon gets its light from the day sun and that constellations are stars that make pictures. The kids… Read More

February 10th-14th

What a fun and busy week in PM Pre-K this week. Our theme was Valentines. We made cards for the sick children in the hospital, cookie cutter painted, and made our Valentine mailboxes. In language our letter was E, we learned how to sign pink, red and “I love you” .  Our popcorn words were… Read More

February 3rd-7th

This week in PM-Pre-K we focused on the letter W, made watermelons for that letter. Our popcorn words are as, do and no. We practiced rhyming words and putting words together. In math we are learning about the numbers 21-30 and practicing counting and recognizing those numbers. We used counting bears, marshmallows and buttons to… Read More

January 27th-31st

We had a busy full week in PM-PreK this week. We had a visit to the library on Tuesday and they read books and did fun music for our air and water transportation. Our letter this week was D, we came up with D words and practiced it’s sound. Our popcorn words were had, so… Read More

January 20th-24th

This week in PM Pre-K our theme was transportation (things with wheels). The children learned what a caboose was and a how people use buses in the city. In art we made cabooses, cars, track paintings and buses. In language our letter was L and our popcorn words were you, are and we. We learned… Read More

January 13th-17th

This week in PM Pre-K we focused on letter U and the popcorn words it, was, me. We worked on syllables, rhyming words and played a alphabet carpet game with lower case letters. Our theme this week was  Artic Animals (animals that like the cold). We learned what polar bears, penguins and walruses like to… Read More

January 6th-10th

Welcome back everyone!  Hope you all had a happy healthy holiday season. This week in PM Pre-K snow was our theme. We made snowmen, snow paintings, snow flakes and decorated mittens. We read White Snow, Bright Snow and the Mitten to go with our activities. In language we introduced the letter J and we started… Read More