Ms. Erin/Ms. Michaela Pre-K – Blackberry

Safari Adventure

This week we were on safari! Art activities included animal tracks sponge painting, make your own binoculars, trumpeting elephant straw art and giraffe paper bag puppets. We did Safari; counting, matching and find the difference worksheets to work on our math & fine motor skills. The park has officially opened its doors so we enjoyed… Read More

Beach Week

This week we explored the beach and ocean. We read Biscuits Day at The Beach and Pete The Cat Goes To The Beach. Had fun with sensory using sea critters and creating an ocean table. Practiced our math skills with a beach sorting/matching game, counting worksheet and "spot the difference" coloring activity. Got creative designing… Read More

A Week At The Circus

This week we explored the circus AND spring on the farm. We practiced; writing, skills, math and problem solving with various circus themed worksheets. Art involved; buttered popcorn, puffy paint cotton candy, and clown hand prints. We read "Spunky Little Monkey ", " The Circus Ship" and " We are going on a Lion Hunt".… Read More

Food Glorious Food

This week we talked about food! Art involved, popcorn, potato mashers, and bowls of spaghetti! Food themed fine motor and math included worksheets on; "less and more" and food adding as well as cut/paste/sort "sweets vs healthy " and  matching the food to its shadow. Science we made smoothies and soup!  Lots of time outside… Read More

Fire Safety Week

This week we discussed fire safety, we practice stop drop and roll. Talked about what is fire safety to us. We read Fireman Small, Clifford the Fire Dog, All Aboard the Fire Engine and Fire Safety.  We discussed different types of tools and transportation firemen use. We talked about our fire plan at school and… Read More

Transportation Station

Art this week involved; scrap paper stop lights, paper plate and felt hot air balloons, St Patricks day glasses and painting with race cars. Dramatic playincluded, cars, trucks, ramps, planes, and boats with water in sensory table. We hot outside A LOT; playing puddles, exploring the playground and identifying the modes of transportation on the… Read More

Dinosaur Galore

Its Dino Week! We had fun art projects involving; dino stomp and stamp, cut and paste paper plate dinos, color and cut "d" dino and qtip construction dino skeletons. For  sensory and dramatic play we had dinos with sand and rock and excavated ice eggs with mallets and golf Ts. We practiced our math skills… Read More

Animal Week

This week we went wild with animals! Art involved animal masks and "moose tracks" made using our hand and foot prints. STEM activities involved animal counters, building animal enclosures and creating habitats. Strengthened our fine motor skills with various free color options and worksheets including; gopher maze, animal word trace, animal habitat books and more.… Read More

Feeling the Love

This week we talked about emotions and Valentine's Day. We conducted a science experiment with conversational hearts. We practiced some worksheets with "s h" letter sound. We had a dramatic play station with heart pies and sensory table had flowers and cards. We did lots of fun art projects, had a Valentine's party and even… Read More

This week we began practicing letter pair sounds with "ch" for train week ChooChoo! We built tracks with our train set AND as an art project. We used "steam" cotton balls to measure what trains went the distance and to do some addition and subtraction. We also painted with trains by rolling them through paint… Read More