Ms Anki 3s -Eola (Tues/Thurs)

Easter Eggs and Bunnies

This week we talked about the Easter eggs and Bunnies.  We talked about the oval shape of an egg . We painted our eggs and bunnies with the glitter paint and sponges. We spell our names in the the play dough during our free play.  We did different types of sorting and matching of eggs… Read More

Transportation (Week of April 8th -12)

This week we discussed about different modes of transportation: Land, Water and Air. We talked about different vehicles that go on land,planes,helicopters and hot air balloons that go in the air and boats and massive ships that go on water. We also discussed our favorite mode of transportation. We also talked about buses,cars, trains and… Read More

Community Workers continued....

Welcome back after the spring break.... This week we finished up  with our lesson  plan on the community helpers and talked about what careers we would like to have in the future. We had a blast talking about all the possibilities.  We learnt about Construction Workers and Firefighters. We really enjoyed our different community workers… Read More

Community Workers Week of March 17- 22

This week we talked about different types of community workers and how they contribute to the society. We talked who is your favorite community worker and what would they like to be when they grow up . The kids enjoyed making their own Doctors medical kit and their own police cars as their art projects.… Read More

St Patricks Day

This week we talked about St Patricks Day and the color green, pot of gold. We made our  oil painting for the Art Fair. We talked about our  different feelings and emotions, anger, mad, hands to ourselves.    … Read More


This week we talked about Rainbows and different colors used in making a Rainbow. We made our own Rainbows and clouds.We learned about letter R. We also did a science experiment with milk and  food colors . We also talked about Prisms and  used prism that shows its various colors.… Read More


  These past two weeks our theme was Mittens.  We read the book The Mitten by Jan Brett and created our own mitten for the kids to fit into.  The children learned about animals that hibernate and animals that do not hibernate.  We also read a book called The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen and… Read More

Valentines week Feb 11 -Feb 15

This week we celebrated Valentines Day .  We exchanged our valentines between our classmates and had a small Valentine Party too .We made Valentines for our families, our classmates and for patients at a cancer center.  We made Valentine’s bracelets, decorated our Valentines bag and made a Valentine Sun-catchers. We learned letter V this week… Read More

Teddy Bears

This week we had a special week with our Teddy’s Bears.  We learned a Teddy’s bear dance song, they balanced Teddy Bears on a scale, and we decorated our own Teddy Bears. The children brought their own special Teddy Bears to school.  We went on a Teddy’s Bear through the library.  It was a fantastic… Read More

Polar Bears Week of Jan 28th

  This week we talked animals that live in the snow.  We focused on Arctic and North Pole and what animals live there.  We made Polar Bears  and learned about what Polar bears eat.  We learned about letter “J” and also identifying letters in their name.… Read More