Ms. Amy/Ms. Sandra 3s - Red Oak

Last week of Nature Play Preschool

This was our last week of school!  This year went by so quickly because of all the fun learning and exploring we did.  This environment is a truly special place to learning. We started the week making T-shirts to remember our year of preschool. We also got in as much hiking, bug catching, mud kitchen… Read More

Flowers and Mother's Day

Hi to all and  Happy Mother's Day to all moms.  I hope you have a great day.  I can't believe it is the end of the year already.  We had so fun hiking and learning through our play. This past week we have been talking about flowers and it's parts; stem, petals, and roots,  … Read More

Ms. Sandra and Ms. Amy's 3's

Hi everyone we had a wonderful week with great weather. On Tuesday, April 23rd we went to Lippold Park. We used nets to skim the water and observed what we found.  We found snails, water bugs, and a Damsefly. There was even a bull frog  in the mud along the river. We released  our Painted… Read More

Week of April 16-18: Pond Life and Earthday

This week we focused on earth day and pond life since we will be visiting Lipold pond next week!  We painted with things you should recycle and made stick sculptures for the art fair (the children collected all the sticks). We were able to be in our outside classroom for much of our days and… Read More

Week of April 2-4, 2019: Insects

This week was all about insects!  What do they look like: legs, body parts, wings, and antenna! Also what do they eat and do to stay alive. We made ladybug sun catchers, insects books and click beetles. We also hunted and looked for insects outside and spent as much time outside as possible with the… Read More

Rain for the week of March 19

Hello and welcome to the Creative Play/Nature Play blog.  We have made it to Spring break and everybody have a great week.  The park district built a fence around our outside classroom this week.  It needs some decorations, maybe some ribbons on the fence, but I think it will be ok. This past week we… Read More

Valentines Week: February 12-14, 2019

This week we celebrated Valentines week!  We talked a lot about what Valentine’s Day means and how we show people we love them❤️  We read Valentines story’s, sang valentines songs and played a musical heart game to practice our letters and numbers at circle time.  We made hearts by coloring coffee filters with markers then… Read More

Valentine Fun February 5, 2019, Three's

Hello everyone.  This week we had a little catching up to do because we had school cancelations the week before.  We finished up our Hibernation activities by making caves, with cotton balls for snow,  a cave and eyes peeking out us. I froze finger paint and put a craft stick in it.  The children really… Read More