Ms. Amy/Ms. Sandra 4s - Red Oak

February 23-25, 2021: Dinosaurs and Fossils

This week we focused on Dinosaurs, Rocks and Fossils!  We learned the 3 different types of rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic and how they are formed. We read the books: "Rocks! Smooth, Rough, Soft and Hard", "Dinosaur Bones" and "If Rocks Could Talk".  We made fossils in salt dough and painted them.  And we also… Read More

Week of February 16, 2021. Hearts

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog. This week was cold so we had to stay in Tuesday and Wednesday.  We did go outside on Thursday and took a little walk to our Oak Nook, played in the snow, and then went back to class.  Once we were back inside we danced to a few… Read More

Week of February 9-11, 2021: Valentine’s Day!

This week our focus was on Valentine's Day and what is the reason for celebrating it. We discussed how we can show our friends we care about them with kindness. The discussions we had were so sweet. They are such caring children!  At circle time we read  "The Kindness Book", "Froggy's First Kiss" and "Mouse's… Read More

The week of February 2, 2021. Shadows and Hearts

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog. It was a short teaching week because of parent-teacher conferences, which were very successful.  This week talked about some silly celebration’s that as adults, we enjoy; such as Groundhog’s Day and The Super Bowl.  As a group we predicted and voted if the groundhog would or would not… Read More

January 26-28, 2021: Owls

This week our focus was learning more about Owls.  We read the books: "Owls", "The Barn Owls" and "Little Owls Night".  On Wednesday the students were given owl facts that they sorted by if they were true or false, I tried to trick them but they have such great memories and did great!  On Thursday… Read More

Week of January 19th, 2021 Winter Fun

Hello and welcome to this weeks blog.  We had a great week of great weather.  We are so lucky to have weather like this in January and we took advantage of it.  We went to our favorite place that we like to call the "The Fort"  because of the structures the big kids build and… Read More

January 12-14, 2021: Animals in winter

This week we focused on what Animals do in the winter to survive!  Do they Hibernate, Migrate or Adapt?  We read the books "The Mitten", "Animals in Winter", "Over and Under the Snow" and "All About Animals in Winter".  These books helped us learn what it means to Hibernate, Migrate and Adapt in the winter.… Read More

4's Week of January 5, 2021. 4's Ice and Snow

Hello and Welcome to the first blog of 2021.  I hope everyone had a safe Christmas and Happy New Year.  I would like to thank all the children coming to school ready to hike.  Please make sure they go to the bathroom before they leave the house.  We have added hooks so the children can… Read More

December 15th and 16th: Holiday Fun!

This week we celebrated the upcoming holiday with some fun activities.  We started Tuesday with a hike on the Dolomite trail and the children loved to stop and jump off the big rock along the way!  We read the book "There was an old lady that swallowed a bell".  The "Old Lady" books are great… Read More