Ms. Abarna 4s - Eola


The theme for this week is emotion.we talked about how they feel by coming to preschool.We played a game called "Making emotions face reaction".kids had a blast playing a game.We read book called "The color Monster ". For art we made our own paper plate feeling face puppet mask. March 3rd is our field trip… Read More


What a fun and busy week .Our theme was Valentines. We made cards for the sick children in the hospital, foam stickers and die cut heart and made our Valentine treat goody bags. In language our letter was Vv we learned how to sign pink, red and “I love you” .  We practiced all the… Read More


Dinosaurs, Paleontologists and fossils are just a few of the topics we learned about this week!For science we had to dig the dino and its fossil from the dirt.We used different shapes and made our own different kind dinosaurs.We also made rainbow heart suncatchers for our hallway  decor.Letter of the week was Dd and Number… Read More

Artic and Antarctic Animals

This week we learnt about polar animals.We read lot about Penguins and Polar bear fun facts,habitat. Kids made different centre using small sugar cubes they try to built igloo.shadow matching,color and  alphabet  puzzle.The letter of the week Pp.Here are  the pictures  to enjoy.… Read More


This week  theme was Mitten".We read a book " The mitten " and did art work related to the book.Kids  used scissors to cut and paste the animal on huge big mitten.On thursday we read "The Mitten Tree" and made a mitten tree art .We did lot of centre this week  kids get to do… Read More

Snowflake and Snowman

Last two weeks we learnt about snowman and snowflakes.We made artifical snow  using Baking soda and shaving cream.Talk about what are winter gears and what to wear during winter season.For science we learnt what is snow?We made mobile snowman and puffy paint snowman for our art project.No School on Monday 20th.Enjoy your weekend.Literacy Night is… Read More


This week the students learned about Thanksgiving. In art we made a paper turkey and the pilgrim mask. We also made placemats for our friendsgiving party. We talked about who we were thankful for. We did; Patterning, Counting, Matching much more. We also worked on the the letter Tt. Happy Thanksgiving Here are a few… Read More

Scarecrow (Nov11th-Nov15th)

This week we learned about scarecrows and harvesting food. Even though it looks and feels like winter, it really is still Fall!Our class learned about what scarecrows do (scare away crows and animals), where we could find them (in a garden or field) and what they look like (hat, straw, pants, shirt, buttons).We learnt about… Read More

Corn (11/4-11/8)

Corn, corn and more corn was our topic this week.  We made corn using corn kernnels and also we made suncatcher leaves for our art this week.  Learned all of the things that corn is used in.  We worked on letter Hh, number 4 and learned to shuck corn.We are also having fun learning new… Read More

Diwali And Halloween(Oct 28th-Nov1st)

This week went really quick kids learnt about Diwali(Festival of Lights).We had our friends from Ms.Marie 's Class came over on tuesday to learn about Diwali.For our art project we made rangoli sand art design .We went to libray for our specials ,had a story time   about Halloween.Kids enjoyed it very much and we checked… Read More