Mrs. Prasanna 4s - Eola

Gardening fun!

Hello all, I cannot believe that this week was the last full week of class. We had a great time learning and working together in all the centers with our groups. This week's unit was gardening and flowers along with Mother's day celebration. Students enjoyed making pop bottle flowers for process art . Parents identified … Read More

Great Outdoors

Hello all, We talked more about Bugs and doing fun things outside like camping in the forest. Our week started with a in house field trip to sci-tech museum. Gazing the day and night sky inside the star net dome was so exciting for us. students made astronaut helmets out of paper bags. As part… Read More

Life cycle of Butterfly!

Hello everyone, In spite of a short week, we had lots of fun and excitement in our class. We covered all the letters except Qq, so far. We focused primarily on our life cycle unit with Butterfly and caterpillar as example. Our STEM centers also were related to counting butterflies in a jar and matching… Read More

Easter Bunny is on his way!

Welcome back, We worked on letter V along with Easter. We focused a lot on Math centers like counting, sorting , graphing and patterning. Our process art was painting some pretty patterns on oval shape to make Easter eggs. On Wednesday, we made a jelly bean person  with fuzzy rings and added silly features to… Read More

Pets galore

Welcome back! Our unit this week was an extensive study about pets, including pet rock. We discussed about the different emotions associated with having a pet at home. Students were excited in sharing pictures of their pets. In ELA, we learned about letter W and words beginning with W. Clip card activities like beginning sound… Read More

Welcome Back after Spring Break!

I hope that everyone had a great time during spring break. We had a wonderful learning time this week in our class. Spring weather was the main unit of study along with letter Z. Process art this week involved creating rain clouds with shaving cream and drawing spring scene with rainbow. Students explored different STEM… Read More

Week of March 11-15.

Hello all, Our week in class started with great enthusiasm and energy about transportation unit . Children brainstormed different ways we can travel to places. in language arts, we focused on letter B and B related words like bear, balloon, blue and brown. In order to reinforce the same, we incorporated balloon painting with brown… Read More

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Blasting Off into outer space

This week's unit was a very popular because it involved rockets ships, space shuttles and Fuzzy feet Alien. Our language arts center involved letter F and words starting with F. We are so happy to say that most of our ELA goals are met and mastered some of them. Students explored lots of fun science… Read More

Ll for loud lions and lovely ladybugs

Hello all, This week we worked on Letter L and rhyming words in language arts. Our students explored fun facts about bears and learned new vocabulary words like Hibernation,habitat and mammals. Center time was even more exciting with Panda village ,Play dough creatures , bear pattern and bear matching attributes. Most of our students displayed… Read More

Happy Valentine week

Welcome back to our blog! Our class had a great time this week with lots of stem and reading activities. We accomplished a lot of goals in our science and social emotional learning. Science experiments like making play dough, mixing them and making a different color , precipitating borax crystals and egg in vinegar and… Read More