Mrs. Lazzara 4s - Eola

Week of April 22,2019

Wednesday we celebrated Earth day. We learned to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our creation made of recycle materials was a big hit! Friday off to space we went! Do you want to be an astronaut? Remember the forms for coming to the Spring fling on May 6, are due on Monday. It is a fun… Read More

Week of April 15, 2019

Action words for this week, were hopping and jumping. Which I may add were done very well and improved with every try! Peter Rabbit found out the hard way that it was important to listen to mama about not going into Mr. McGregor's garden. We talked about actions and consequences that happened to Peter. Jelly… Read More

Week of April 8, 2019

Head, thorax, abdomen. Was the song for the week. Why you may ask? Those are the parts of an insect. We had plenty to look at, find in the sensory table and put on a log. Did I mention that they all were plastic?! The life stages of a butterfly covered how a caterpillar hatches… Read More

Week of April 1, 2019

Sorry for the delay in this post. There were some technical problems. ( and it wasn't caused by the person typing the post):) Even though our week consisted of a two days, we had plenty of things to do. It was fun listening to what went on with them over Spring Break. Some children were… Read More

Week of March 18, 2019

Wiggle wiggle were the two words to describe the activities on Monday. We talked about worms help in our gardens. We watched how live worms crawl. By the end of the day, even the faint of heart were up close to the worms, with a help of a craft stick. Spring has finally arrived!!! We… Read More

Week of March 11, 2019

All I can say, is the weather should helped us to learn about wind, rain, umbrellas ┬áthis week. We started the week with discussing the what wind is. We moved the air by flapping our arms, blowing with our mouthes and using the hair dryer. Our art projects were fantastic, which were based on steam.… Read More

Week of March 4, 2019

There were many rhyming words shouted out on Monday to celebrate Dr. Seuss and his birthday. The most fun was hopping on bubble wrap when rhyming words were heard while reading Hop On Pop. It was nice to hear that many had some of his books at home. March weather was the focus on Wednesday.… Read More

Week Of February 18,2019

Oops! A day late in getting this update of our short week but great week. Wednesday, we talked about teeth and the reviewed the letter T. We painted with dental floss and then placed foam teeth on top. I think the hit was playing tooth fairy. It gave the children a chance to count teeth,… Read More

week of February 11

Valentines and hearts were made and shared during the week. We did a great job of delivery them to each other. Kiddos to you for not putting individual names on the valentines. It was nice to see each valentine given was printed by your child. Presidents day involved sorting pennies and quarters, which have the… Read More

Week of February 4,2019

Can't believe that February is here. It is a short month in number of days and hopefully in number of cold and and snowy days! I want to thank all of you for being on time for the conferences and the positive feedback. It is always a win win situation when everyone can be on… Read More