Mrs. Johnson Pre-K - Eola

March 1st-5th

Dear Parents, We had a wonderful learning experience Monday at Red Oak Nature Center by observing maple tree tapping! We've been working on new Spring art work to brighten up the bulletin board in the hallway and we have been enjoying the warmer weather outside on a daily basis. As a class we've been experimenting… Read More

February 22nd-25th

Dear Parents, This past week we studied EVERYTHING space! We had a imaginary liftoff to the moon with a countdown to takeoff. While we were in orbit we collected moon rocks and spotted beautiful constellations! Our jolly phonics letter of the week was N and we also focused heavily on music and movement. Just a… Read More

February 17th-19th

Dear Parents, With a very short week due to a Holiday and snowy weather, we focused on learning healthy habits and what types of foods are nutritious. We also got creative by learning unique animal yoga posses. We worked on the letter E and the number 12. There is No School next Friday on February… Read More

February 1st-4th

Dear Parents, This week we learned about dangerous and non-dangerous types of weather and celebrated Groundhog's Day. We welcomed a new student named Levi and we focused on being kind and inclusive. We made Valentine's for local nursing home residents to acknowledge the heart filled month. The class continued practicing writing their last names, and… Read More

January 25th-29th

Dear Parents, This week our class focused on our 5 senses. We learned about braille and the sense of touch by experimenting with multiple activities. We are getting ready for Valentine's Day by making cards for local residents in a nursing home. This week we practiced the letter L and the number 10. We've continued… Read More

January 19th-22nd

Dear Parents, Our theme this week was Books! We learned the difference between fiction and nonfiction and what a author and a illustrator are. We have been focused on manners like following rules, patience, and sharing. We worked very hard on the letter U this week. Thanks, Mrs. Johnson… Read More

January 11th-15th

Dear Parents, This week we learned fun facts about Polar Bears and Penguins. We analyzed pictures of these cute creatures and learned about their natural habitat and what kind of foods they eat. We focused on learning the letter J and the number 9. I put on a surprise puppet show with Tony the Tiger… Read More

January 5th-8th Happy New Year!!!!!

Dear Parents, We are definitely embracing 2021 and we did so by making our own snow! We worked extremely hard on the letter H and the number 8 and continued mastering our cutting and painting skills, after the Holiday Break. We danced and made music with rhythm sticks to our favorite Miss Carole Seasons CD.… Read More

December 7th-11th

Dear Parents, This week we have been working on holiday decorations, the letter G and the number 7. Each week we focus on a different sight word. This week the sight word was am, we learned how to use the word in a sentence. Each student knows their own phone number and next week our… Read More

November 30th-December 4th

Dear Parents, This week we've focused on Science and experimented by creating  volcanic eruptions! I've introduced more Math by using measuring and estimating. We have incorporated quite a bit of art projects this week with marble painted snowmen and we decorated a pine tree. We also did a specific art project by painting with real… Read More