Mrs. Gerlach Pre-K - Vaughan


          Filling pots with gold! This week in Pre- K we learned about the letter Uu, the #20, rainbows and weather.           working on our cutting skills Observing walking water experiment                        Q-tip painting     Creating her… Read More


We started the month of March off with the letter Mm, #19, Dr. Seuss, and a field trip to the Nature Center.                  Enjoying art time                 Large motor time!                Mm is for monsters… Read More


This week Pre-K talked about our               5 senses, the letter Yy,  the #18, and the color gray!              Y is for yellow and yarn!       Dance party with our pal - Gail. Buddy is still in hibernation Sense  of touch -  Shaving… Read More


This week we learned about the letter Nn and number 17.   The  kids are doing a great job with their letters and had a great time with the alphabet scavenger hunt!                          Puzzles!                    Q-tip… Read More


This week we talked about Valentines and Kindness.  We learned about the letter Vv  and the number 16. The kids are really taking an interest in the alphabet. They took it upon themselves to get out the letter cards and make up their own game. It was so awesome to see!       Making… Read More


              working on ABC’s In Pre-k this week we talked about the  letter Gg, # 15, and the shape heart. We celebrated the color pink by making pink masterpieces and learning the pink song. We made predictions whether the groundhog would see his shadow. Most said yes cause they wanted… Read More


  This week was all about bears! We learned a little about brown bears, panda bears, koala bears and polar bears. We also talked about hibernation vs migration.  Buddy the Bear has left us to finish the winter in hibernation. He arranged for his friend Gale the Giraffe  to take his place!  The kids made… Read More


Penguins and snow owls and polar bears, Oh my!  This week we talked about Arctic animals, Where the arctic is and what animals do to survive! Our writing center is becoming more popular! This week the kids really enjoyed making pictures and writing letters to Buddy the Bear. We said goodbye to Buddy as he… Read More


This week we talked about Winter and Ice. We painted with ice, rescued arctic animals from the ice and pretended to skate on the ice. Buddy the Bear delivered the letter Ii and  the number 12.  We also celebrated the color white this week!  Some made White masterpieces , played with white play dough, and we… Read More


Welcome back everyone!  Happy 2020! Winter was our theme for this week. We decorated snowflakes, made a melted snowman and a winter scene picture! The letter Jj was introduced this week along with the number 11. We practice our scissors and gluing skills by cutting out the letter J And decorating it with jewels!  some books… Read More