Mrs. Gerlach Pre-K - Blackberry


We started our week with a field trip to Red Oak Nature Center. The kids enjoyed learning  how a maple tree grows and getting to drill a hole in the tree to place the spile.  But the best part was getting to taste the maple syrup! The theme for this week was Dr. Seuss. We… Read More


The theme for this week was Zoo animals. We had so much fun reading about the many different zoo animals, both fiction and non fiction. We talked about maps, how to read a map and looked at different zoo maps. We then created our own class zoo map.     Checking out the animas at… Read More


The theme for this week was Fairy Tales. We started the week off with Princesses, Princes, castles and dragons. Then shifted  to more classic fairy tales like the 3 little pigs and Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Digging for colored jewels and gems Fairies and castle play Making different shapes out of blocks      … Read More


The theme for this week was love, kindness and Valentine’s Day! The letter was Bb, color purple and #19! Count the room - Valentine style!  Searching for red and pink hearts        Can you stack all the hearts? Can we take your order please? Bake shop is open for business!      … Read More


This week we talked about Groundhog Day and sports. The kids enjoyed groundhog lacing,  puzzles and  sorting activities. We talked about  making predictions. The class made 2 predictions this week: Will the groundhog see his shadow? and Who  win the Super Bowl? Our focus for this week was the letter Ff, #18, color blue and… Read More


The theme for this week was Winter and bears. We compared Polar bears, Panda bears and Brown bears.  We weren’t able to bring in our own teddy bears so we improvised and made our own at school. The kids enjoyed showing them around the room and getting to play at centers with them  . On… Read More


Snow and ice was the theme for this week.  It was too cold to go out most days  so we bought the snow and ice inside!            Painting with watercolors!        Building igloos for the penguins          Ice Cream Shoppe is now open!      … Read More


This week we learned about Arctic animals. We read many books both fiction and non fiction about penguins, seals, polar bears, snowy owls and arctic hares. At the end of the week we graphed our favorite arctic animal. For art we used cotton balls  and  a veggie brush to make a snowy owl and  black… Read More


Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing winter break. We came back to a lot of snow, so we took full advantage of going outside everyday for some  snow time! The kids had a blast making  a snow hill,  a snowman, snow angels, and snow castles! Thank you for having them come… Read More


We started the week off with a little Grinch day fun! For art we made grinch Santas and completed the dictation  “I would  make the Grinch grin by__?___.”. We ended the day with a scavenger hunt Grinch style. The rest of the week we did a Polar  Express  theme. We read the book, did an… Read More