Mrs. Doyle 4s - Eola

May 13 - 17

Camping For our last regular day of school, we went camping(pretend). We painted with marshmallows , camped out in our tent, and made S’mores. We finally released our butterflies since it was a beautiful day! Field day  We had gorgeous weather and a fun eventful day! We started off with story time. Then bubbles Mr.… Read More

May 6 - 10

Flowers 💐/“Y”~yellow We learned our last letter of the year “Y” for yellow. Do you like our yellow flower ditto? They had fun “planting”. Now that we know all our letters, we matched upper to lowercase letter-bugs on flowers. We started working on our Mother’s Day gifts....hint—-it has something to do with a flower. Spring… Read More

April 29 - May 3

Astronauts and Aliens/ letter “A” We reviewed the 9 planets from last week. Is there life on Mars? Maybe! We finished up our UFOs and got to take them home and toss them around like frisbees. We matched upper and lowercase letters. After reading “The Berenstsin Bears Go to the Moon”, we pretended to fly… Read More

April 24 - 26

Day & Night(N)/#18 We talked about the difference between day and night and daily activities we may be doing at those times. We made a class book. This one is my favorite. I’m sure all you mothers would agree. Then we talked about the day and night sky. We made letter “N” for Night pictures… Read More

April 15 - 17

Eggs What is the shape of an 🥚? An oval! One of the most fun things to do at Easter time is to color eggs. We colored a pretty egg with smelly markers and painted an egg using condensed milk mixed with food coloring.Where do eggs come from? We brainstormed many animals that lay eggs… Read More

April 3 - 12

Hello Everyone! Last week, there was problems again trying to get on our blogs; hence, why one of my weeks in March got deleted. Therefore, I am going to post the last two weeks together. Ocean What is all that blue on the map? The ocean! We learned about many different kinds of animals that… Read More

March 18 - 22

Wind and Kites (letter K) Spring is almost here, and with it comes windy weather. After reading The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins, we predicted and then tested which items would blow away in the wind. We used our blowing 👄 for wind. We also did a “windy” art project called spinner art. What fun it is… Read More

March 11 - 15

Rainbow Day (letter R) Today we read a non-fictional book on how rainbows are formed... light and water. We learned the colors of the rainbow in order using the letters of ROY G BIV. We made a paper chain in that order and then finished it on Friday  by attaching the pot of gold. We… Read More

March 4 - 8

This week there will be no pictures because the park district is trying to update this blog. Sorry! Dr. Seuss/Rhyming We talked about the definition of an author. Dr. Seuss is not really a doctor though, but that’s how he pens all his books. We read three of his most popular books. Before doing so,… Read More

February 18 - 22

Policemen and Safety Continuing with our community worker unit, today we focused on policemen🚓👮‍♂️. We learned that they keep us safe. We learned all about Stranger Danger, and what we do if we find ourselves in a perilous situation. We can call 911 or call our parents. Thank you, parents, for helping your child with… Read More