Miss Tiffany 3s - Eola


Hello everyone, This week in class we explored transportation and the many different avenues we use to travel.  We played a game by taking turns to draw a card with a different vehicle of transportation.   We had to decide if we used land, air, or water to travel with the vehicle we chose.  Circle time… Read More

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Hello Everyone, This week we celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  We learned that Dr. Seuss was an author and illustrator of his many fun books.  Words we used to describe Dr. Seuss were fun, silly, colorful, and playful.   We read two of my favorite Dr. Seuss books this week, Green Eggs And Ham, and… Read More

Healthy Me!

Hello everyone, Taking care of our bodies was our theme this week.   On Monday, we discussed the importance of our teeth and how to take care of them.  We used our happy tooth and sad tooth to show what type of foods are good for our teeth.  We discussed how sweets and candy are sometime… Read More

We love our Pets!

Hello everyone, This week was filled with fun as we shared how much we love pets and they love us too!  We read What Pet Should I Get, by Dr. Seuss.  This rhyming story introduced us to many types of pets, and we understand how hard it can be to pick just one.  What would… Read More

Hearts and Love

Hello everyone! This week continued our exploration of dinosaurs as we created our own dinosaur fossils.   We measured and mixed up some salt dough for each student to make their own dinosaur impressions.  They turned out great, and we will be able to take them home next week!  We read Goldilocks And The Three Dinosaurs,… Read More

Week of February 3 - 7

Hello everyone! We began our week reading the story Snowmen At Night.  Our eyes were glued to the beautiful illustrations on each page as we watched the snowmen going on many fun adventures at night.  We created a picture using our imaginations and oil pastel crayons showing our own snowman having fun at night.  Great… Read More

I Am A Fine Musician...

Hello everyone! This week in class we were introduced to the letter Mm.  We discussed the sound of our letter of the week, the straight lines used to make the uppercase letter M, and the curvy lines used to make the lowercase letter m.  Our story time included, If you give a Moose a Muffin,… Read More

Polar Bears and Penguins

At circle time, we discussed the letter P and two amazing animals.  The polar bears and penguins would love this weather we are experiencing!  Although they both like the cold, they live poles apart.  We used our globe to look for the North and South Pole. Looking at our books about penguins, we learned a… Read More

Letter I is for Igloo and Ice

This week I introduced the letter I and short and long sounds in the words igloo and ice.  One of the  stories we read this week was Five Little Penguins Skating On The Ice.  This story had us all singing and counting backwards as the adorable penguins were having fun in the snow and ice.  … Read More

*Welcome Winter*

Happy new year to everyone! We were all very excited to get back together in class after our Winter break!  There were so many stories about our time spent with our families during the holiday season. Winter science is so much fun.  On Monday,  we measured and mixed our Winter white play dough.  We each… Read More