Miss Shelli Pre-K - Eola


This week was super fun we started it off with our maple tapping we learned all about how to make maple syrup!! We even got to taste it!! Week we learned all about plants and flowers and what comes with from plants and how they are more then just to look pretty. The weather was… Read More

Community Workers !!

This week we where very busy learning all about Community Workers and Letter "Uu" we are on the number 16!  We talked about Dentist, Fire Fighter, Police, Bakers ,Mail Carrier, Doctors, Vets and Construction Workers!! We  took a trip ( video ) to a post office and got to see how the mail gets to… Read More

Valentines and letter Vv

This week in Pre K we learned about the Letter Vv! The kids  learned letter Vv poem and words that start with Vv and the sound letter Vv makes! One of the words was Valentine! We had  a lot of fun with math, patterning and rhyming valentine items. The kids enjoyed our fun valentine books… Read More

Space Week

  This week the kids had a great time learning all about space! We watched a video of how Astronauts eat, sleep and wash their hair! It was really cool to see the how all that is done. We also learned the names of the planets. For art this week we made our our solar… Read More

Fun With Dinosaurs !!

                                         This week we learned about Dinosaurs and the letter Dd, our number this week was 13! We had fun learning all about Dinosaurs  what they ate and where they are now. We even made fossils.… Read More

Week Of Jan 12th to15

We had a great week learning the letter Oo and number 12!  This week we we had fun learning about penguins, Polar bears and orcas. Read read letter Oo book that helped us learn lots of Oo words and the sound letter Oo makes. We also read all about whales , peanut butter and Jellyfish,… Read More

Week of Jan 11th to 15th.

This week we had  a lot of fun learning about ice and snow! We got to paint the  SNOW! It was a lot of fun! The children took their first trip to the library! They each took out a book, We are keeping them in the classroom for the children to look at and share… Read More

Welcome Back!!

Happy 2021! We had a great first week back! We started back this week with the learning to write and recognize our last names. We will be using our last names on all of our papers, we will continue writing our first names as well. In class this week we learned about snow and ice! … Read More

Wee of Dec 14th

This was a short week but we had so much fun!! We read lots of holiday storing. The kids a fun time playing outside the weather has been really nice so far, Please remember we will be going outside as much as we can so please bring all our side gear with you. Hats ,… Read More

Week of Nov 30th to Dec 3rd

This week we started with the letter Hh and the sound it makes, we learned the Letter Hh poem and words that start with letter Hh. The number this week is 9 we counted out 9 items in our classroom and found 9 items outside. I can't believe its December already! What comes with December… Read More