Miss Randi/Miss Ranjani 4s - Prisco

4's March 9-13

We had a wonderful week with the letter w! We read The Rain Came Down by David Shannon, Curious George Season by H.A. Rey, and When the Wind Blew by Alison Jackson and discussed weather. During art we used straws and water colors to create wind art and traced, cut, and painted our hands to… Read More

4's Week March 2-6

We had a great time at Red Oak learning how to make maple syrup and taste it!! We had a great couple days with the letter Z! We read Zoo Day by Ann Rockwell and My Heart is Like a Zoo by Micheal Hall. During art we traced our arms and hands to make giraffes… Read More

4's Week Feb. 24-28

We've had an awesome week with the letter J! We read Jamberry by Bruce Degen and identifyed rhyming words and painted with jars. We also read The Giant Jelly Bean Jar by Marcie Aboff and used jelly beans to count and sort and cut and sorted jars by size. We also added J is for...… Read More

4's Week Feb.17-21

We've had a great week with the letter B! We read Bear Wants More and Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson. During art we painted, cut, and glued our own bears together. We added letter B to our journals and completed the B page in our ABC books. During centers we counted with bears, washed… Read More

4's Week Feb. 10-14

We've had a lovely week with the letter V celebrating Valentine's Day. In our journals we added pictures of what we love and letter V words. We used ribbon to weave together mailboxes for Valentines and used different Valentine words to count syllables. We improved our fine motor skills by ripping paper to make hearts.… Read More

4's Week Feb.3-7

We've has a fantastic week with the letter F! We read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and My Little f book by Jane Belk Moncure and added 2 new pages to our journal; If I were a fish..and F is for... We worked on number recognition by counting scales on fish, completed a Rainbow… Read More

4's Week Jan.13-Jan17

We've had a great week with the letter O! We continued to explore the dramatic play area with the doctor props and used the wooden block in the block center. During art we used finger paint to make polar silhouettes, used scissors and water colors to make snowflakes, and painted with ice cubes. In the… Read More

4's Week Jan.6-10

We had a great week back with the letter D. In our journals we added something we will be doing in the year 2020 and added the letter D. We also had the doctor props in the dramatic play area and dinosaurs in the block center. During art we used water colors at the easel,… Read More

4's Grinch Week! Dec.9-Dec.13

We had an awesome time with the Grinch and the letter G this week. We added the letter G to our journals and continued to write letters to each other at the writing center. We built with green and gold stacking cups, used green paint and jewels to finish our trees, and played Christmas Bingo.… Read More

4's week Dec.2-6

We had a marvelous week with the letter M, by adding M to our journal as well as what we did over the long Thanksgiving weekend. We read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell by Lucile Colorado, My Little M book by Jane Belk Moncure, and Bear Stays Up for Christmas by… Read More