Miss Randi 4s - Prisco

4's Week May 6-10

We have all 11 butterflies! The children have had a great time observing the growth of the butterflies. We made butterfly journals recording our observations, we made butterfly life cycle diagrams, and completed a butterfly puzzle. We also talked about sequencing and completed picture stories. We explored play dough, washed toys in the sensory table,… Read More

4's April 29 - May 3

We had an awesome time with Star Labs on Monday! The children made astronaut helmets and learned about the moon, the sun, and the stars.   This week we continued to observe our caterpillars and write in our butterfly journals. We enjoyed a special guest speaker on Wednesday teach us about bees. We also added… Read More

4's Week April 22-26

We've had a great week with the letter q. We also have had a few additions to our classroom, caterpillars! We will be learning and observing about the metamorphosis of butterflies. During art we worked on a quilt together and used pom-poms to make caterpillars on clothes pins. We also used colored jelly beans for… Read More

4's week April 15-19

We've has a great week with celebrating Easter! We used paper tubes to make bunnies scenes, made designs on Easter Eggs with masking tape, and made our own egg puzzles.   We worked on letter recognition by matching plastic eggs. We did a lot of work counting and improving number recognition with plastic eggs and… Read More

Week April 8-12 4's

We had a great week with the letter y. We used yarn on a rolling pin to create yarn prints. We worked hard making yarn art with yarn, glue, and pastel crayons. We used scissors to cut yarn hanging from the ceiling, used yellow blocks to spell our names, and added the letter y to… Read More

4's Week March 18-22

We had a wonderful week with the letter z. We read If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss and Inside the City Zoo by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. We used tissue paper to make zebras and worked on our cutting skills to make koala bears.                    … Read More

4`s Week March 11-15

We had a great week with the letter J and celebrating St. Patrick's Day. We read Pete the Cat and the Leprechaun Chase by James Dean and Leprechaun on the Loose by Marcia Thornton Jones. We used corks and paint to make clovers, marble painted shamrocks, and used the Bingo markers to make rainbow shamrocks.… Read More

4's Week Mar.4-8

We had a wonderful week with the letter b! During art we used bubbles to paint, made coffee filter butterflies, colored bow tie pasta, and used yellow and black to make bees. We showed great teamwork by helping each other with our table work, letter sorting and building with the blocks and stacking cups. Finally… Read More

4's Week Feb.18-22

We had a lovely week with the letter l! We read My Little l book by Jane Belk MoncureĀ  and In Like A Lion and Out Like A Lamb by Marion Dane Bauner. We sorted capital and lowercase l and made lions and lamb. We used the light table to spell our names, search and… Read More

4's Week Feb.11-15

We had a very wonderful week with the letter v and celebration Valentine's Day! We made heart shaped bird feeds with fruit loops and pipe cleaners, made strawberry play dough, made heart rubbings, worked on cutting with hearts, and made Valentine cards for our family with our hands and hearts. We also had fun using… Read More