Miss Marie 3s - Eola

We did it!! 🎓🎊🎉

How did this school year go by so fast? 🕰 SO very proud of my 3’s as individuals and as a group!  They have all accomplished some amazing things! Look for me in the hallways next year or in Room 102...YOU are AMAZING!!!❤️ FIELD DAY (thank you Miss Abarna/Miss A for helping me out and for sending… Read More

Celebrating our Moms 💞

  This week we celebrated one of the most special people to us!  OUR MOMS❤️ We have been preparing special gifts and songs for a few weeks now and we were so happy to FINALLY present those to our Moms!               🖍💌🛍💃🏻 We also had the opportunity to plan our… Read More

It’s almost the end of this road...🦋

How fast this year has flown by🦋 with SO much overall learning taking place!  It’s been an incredible year of growth! We continue to review our entire Alphabet since finishing all of the letters individually! We started to work on some “top secret” projects which will be revealed at the end of this week! 🔐❤️… Read More

Earth Day...ALL year round 💚💙

APRIL 22nd marks Earth Day! We focused on this very important subject during our school week. Our letter of the week was “Zz”...our tongues 👅 are still buzzing from a “Z song” we learned to sing together! 🎼 It is our job to protect our environment.  We talked about all of the different ways to do so... Reduce,… Read More

Bippity Boppity Hippity Hoppity 💫🐇

It was a wonderful week full of discovery, exploration and bunnies! 🐇  We discussed the various “symbols” we might see and celebrate during the Spring Season...baskets, eggs and bunnies! Lets take a look... Our Letter of the week was Qq!  How appropriate that we had the Castle with a QUEEN in our classroom this week 👸🏻 We had… Read More

Butterflies Are Free 🍃🐛🦋

We had an amazing week of learning and exploring!  Butterflies were our main topic of discussion in our unit on Bugs/Insects. Did you know that not all Bugs are Insects?! 🐝🐞🦟🦗🕷. Insects specifically have certain characteristics such as wings, six legs, antennas, a head a thorax and an abdomen. We learned all about the lifecycle… Read More

📢Spring has officially SPRUNG

Welcome Spring!! 🌸 Welcome back! 😀 This week we focused on Spring Planting.  We discussed the various “steps” that it takes for a flower/plant to grow...we then used our sequence cards to put these “steps” into the correct order:  Plant the seeds. Water the seeds every day. Soon you will see sprouts...that grow and grow and… Read More

“The more that you read...”📚

  We had an AMAZING week! 📚😀👍  We talked about the importance of books and how to take care of them.  We also talked about proper etiquette and rules while visiting a Library!  Our letter of the week was Pp. We then continued our Tuesday morning with a mini in-house field trip to the Eola Branch… Read More

Wearing ‘O The Green 🍀

Please continue to be patient as our IT issues are being worked on with our Weekly Blog. 💻  All photos in my Blog appear after all text... We continued to talk about our Artist, Degas🎨  We started our morning out delving more into the subject that he is most famous for...BALLET! We looked at some… Read More

By Air and by Sea...

Please note that there are IT issues in formulating the Creative Play Blogs this week.  💻 Therefore, my usual format might look a bit different until these issues are resolved.  Nevertheless, we had a terrific week! 🎉🎊 ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳 We finished our Transportation unit by focusing on things that transport by air🛫🚁🚀and by water 🛶🛳🛥 We… Read More