Miss Louise/Miss Joann 2s - Vaughan

Tues 3rd & Thurs 5th March

Tuesday 3rd: Today we made Shamrocks prints with our hands! We had so much fun doing this. We had a great time playing with Kinetic Sand and the beans for sensory play. We also had free art today and they made so many pictures. We washed the baby dolls in the water table, built towns… Read More

Week of Feb 18th & 20th

Tuesday the 18th Today we started picking out our names when we come into class, they have done really well with this. We worked on matching the numbers again, they’re all going well with that too. For art we had a great time straw painting. They turned out really cute! For playtime we had fun… Read More

Tues 11th & Thurs 13th

Tuesday 11th: Today we worked on matching the numbers to the correct alligator. We had a blast playing with the Kenectic Sand! They played with this for a long time! For art today we made marble painted hearts. They turned out really cute, be sure to check them out on our bulletin board! We finished… Read More

Week of the 4th February

Tuesday the 4th February: Today for art we painted on foil! We used foam rollers. Art is definitely their favorite time of the day.  We worked on matching up big and small letters with our colored crocodiles and we matched the paint buckets to the correct colors. They did really well with both activities.  We… Read More

Week of Jan 28th

Tuesday 28th Today we made Snowflake prints with a stamp, very good for the hand and eye coordination. We had a great time playing in the sensory bin with beans, filling up little cups and bowls. We made an awesome block town and finished off the day frosting cookies that we earned for listening very… Read More

Week of 21st & 23rd Jan

Tuesday 21st, Today we had so much fun doing bubble art! We tried very hard to blow through our straws and make bubbles with paint & some dish soap. They absolutely loved this activity.  We had fun playing at the sensory table with the black eyed peas and scooping them into pots and little containers. They… Read More

Week of the 9th: Miss Louise 2’s

Tuesday 10th : Today we made Christmas Wreaths! They turned out so cute! Be sure to look at them up on our wall. We played in pretend Snow and loved that! We made snowballs and ice cream, so much fun and so good for their imagination. We enjoyed playing with the microphone and playing doctor.… Read More

Tuesday the 3rd: Today we had lots of fun making bird  feeders! We made them out of toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and rolled them in bird seed! I hope the birds are enjoying them in your yards! We read Hooray for Birds and learned a new song Jingle Bell and stop, we play our… Read More

Week of 18th

Tuesday 19th: Today we made our Turkeys from our handprints! They turned out super cute! We read the book We’re going on a Leaf Hunt, really enjoyed playing with the play dough today, Talked about the color of it and the shapes we were making. We had fun playing with the castle and the play… Read More

Week of the 11th

Tuesday 12th :  Today we painted pine cones! We read the book Fall Leaves Fall and had a lot of fun playing with the Foam! We also had fun with rice and pine cones in our sensory bin. It was Luca’s birthday today so we had a special treat to celebrate our friend! Thursday 14th:… Read More