Miss Laura/Mrs. Gerlach/Miss Joann 3s - Blackberry

Week of 3/1(3's)

This week we celebrated the works of Dr. Seuss! In art we made the cat a new hat. Unifix blocks were used to create patterns. Mini red cups and paper were used to try to balance them into a tower. Our dramatic play area became a Library where students could check out books. After reading… Read More

Week of 2/22(3's)

Monkeys, lions, tigers, zebras and dolphins are just a few of the animals we discussed during Zoo Week. In art we used our fine motor skills to either rip paper or cut paper to create a zebra or tiger. Our dramatic play area was a Zoo Vet Clinic where animals were well cared for. It… Read More

Week of 2/15(3's)

This week we had fun with Fairy Tales! In art we used watercolors to paint a castle. We even decorated our own crowns! Our sensory table became a colored gem hunt. Can you use the tweezers to sort the gems? It was fun to use the gems to create patterns! Our Weekly Focus this week:… Read More

Week of 2/8(3's)

Valentine's,  friendship and love were all  topics we discussed this week. In art we decorated Valentine bags to hold our Valentine's cards. Our sensory table became a colored heart sorting center. The writing center became a Valentine decorating station. The dramatic play area was transformed into a "Hearts Baking Shoppe". We learned the rules of… Read More

Week of 2/1(3's)

This week we learned about different sports including football,  basketball,  baseball,  golf, soccer and hockey. In art we created name pennants and designed footballs with dot markers. It was tricky to score a goal at the finger football table! Our dramatic play area became a Tailgate BBQ serving hot dogs and hamburgers before the big… Read More

Week of 1/25(3's)

This week we continued our theme of snow and ice. Tuesday's snowfall was perfect for our week! In art we used shaving cream and glue to create puffy paint. We painted "melted snowmen". We worked hard to match letters on the snowglobes. Trying to guess "Where the Snowball is" has been a favorite activity the… Read More

Week of 1/18(3's)

This week our theme was snow and ice. In art we painted with colorful ice and designed our own snowmen. In our sensory table we made snow dough by mixing 1/2 cup hair conditioner and 3 cups baking soda. In science we used ice blocks(sugar cubes) to create homes for the penguins. It was fun… Read More

Week of 1/11(3's)

This week we learned about arctic animals; Polar bears, penguins, seals and snowy owls to name a few. In art we used cotton balls to paint a snowy owl and pieces of black and white paper to create a penguin. Our sensory table held blocks of ice and toy animals frozen inside a few. Pipettes… Read More

Week of 1/4(3's)

This week we read and discussed books written by Jan Brett: The Mitten, The Hat and Annie and the Wild Animals. In art we designed mittens and winter hats. We played "Where's the Snowball " using felt mittens. It was tricky finding that snowball! It was fun creating winter scenes with "loose parts". The scissor… Read More

Week of 12/7(3's)

This week we discussed and learned about two classic holiday stories: The Grinch and The Polar Express. In art we used heart shaped cookie cutters to paint a Grinchy collage.   The Grinch stole some alphabet letters and we worked hard to put them back in order! We enjoyed writing letters to Santa and practicing… Read More