Miss Kim/Miss Laura 4s - Blackberry

Fairy Tale Week (4's)

This week was all about Fairy Tales. We read and discussed books about princesses, princes, talking animals and an egg that falls. In art, we used paint to create The Three Little Pigs process art and we used different sized and colored shapes to make a shape castle. Our block center posed a challenge; Can… Read More

Dr. Seuss Week (4's)

We started the week off with a field trip to Red Oak to learn about the process of turning sap into yummy maple syrup. We learned that sap, which looks and tastes like water, needs to be boiled down to get to the sugary stuff which was so delicious to taste! We also celebrated Dr.… Read More

Arctic Animals (4's)

Polar bears, caribou, snowy owls and penguins are just a few of the arctic animals we learned about this week. In art we painted with colored ice and created our own penguins. Our dramatic play area became a spot to go ice fishing and we also had fun constructing outdoor scenes with pretend arctic animals.… Read More

Snow Week (4's)

This week was all about snow! We discussed Winter, what snow is made of and how snow crystals are formed by reading "The Story of Snow". In science we discovered that a jar full of snow, when melted, has much less water volume. In art we designed our own snowman and painted with a pine… Read More

Valentines, Friendship and Kindness

Our Valentine theme this week included discussions about love, friendship and being kind. In art, we created a heart project using different colored small pieces of paper and we also painted a heart shaped doilie by brushing water over drops of paint. In math, we tried to estimate how many heart candies were in a… Read More

Dinosaur Week

Dinosaurs, Paleontologists and fossils are just a few of the topics we learned about this week! In art, we designed our own dinosaurs with markers, crayons and dot markers. We also created dinosaur bones using dried pasta. Students used their imagination while creating dinosaur scenes at the loose parts table. In science, we each took… Read More

Sports Week (4's)

Sports week began by discussing many different types of sports like football,  soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf and tennis. In art we painted with a golf ball and designed our own helmets. We used our fine motor skills to thread pipe cleaners through holes golf balls. It was so much fun using mini sports balls… Read More

Community Helpers

This week we discussed different types of Community Helpers we might see in our neighborhoods; firefighters, doctors, nurses, mail carriers, garbage collectors and teachers to name a few. In art we created a community map as a group. Students were asked to draw pictures of things they'd see in their community such as a library,… Read More

Zoo Week!

Lions, tigers, bears, giraffes and zebras are just a few of the zoo animals we discussed this week! In art, we used water colors to paint and create a zoo silhouette and painted black stripes on a paper plate to make a zebra. Our class worked on a group project too! We used crayons and… Read More

Jan Brett Week

What a wonderful transition we've had from Winter Break back to our school routine! This week we introduced our class to the works of Jan Brett. We read The Mitten, The Hat, The Snowy Nap and Annie & The Wild Animals; all books containing winter weather and animals. In Art we created colorful mittens using… Read More