Ms. Katie 3s - Red Oak

Dinosaurs and Fossils

We had a great week finishing up our Dinosaur Unit. All of the boys and girls enjoyed painting with dinosaur feet and also painting large dinosaurs. We loved exploring rocks and even using a scale to learn how to weigh them. Can you spy the preschoolers exploring the terrain under the snow at Red Oak… Read More

Sunshine and Dinosaurs

This week we enjoyed the sunshine out at Red Oak Nature Center. We used our senses while hiking to determine that Spring is near!  We saw squirrels climbing, heard the birds chirping and watched the river ice melt. Dinosaurs were our topic this week and we enjoyed learning that dinosaurs come in all shapes and… Read More

Valentine's Cards and Dinosaurs

Our class loved passing out Valentine's Day Cards to our classmates on Tuesday! We enjoyed some time in the animal room and even had a special visitor with 6 legs that made a hissing sound! Ms. Christy taught us all about the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  We also started a new unit about dinosaurs and read… Read More

Valentine's Day Fun (Red Oak 3's)

This week was all about LOVE! The students enjoyed reading and learning about kindness. For example, we learned to make a heart with our hands after reading the book Kindness is Cool.  One of our STEM centers used heart gummies and toothpicks to create heart shapes. Hearts on the light table spelling out "LOVE" turned… Read More

Groundhog Day and Snow Fun

Our class enjoyed some outside snow play this week! We found some squirrel and fox tracks in the snow. Our day was busy learning all about groundhogs. Ms. Christy taught us some groundhog facts and also brought a groundhog pelt for us to touch. Thank you Ms. Christy!… Read More

Transportation Week (Red Oak 3's)

This week was all about Transportation and things that go! We enjoyed driving all kinds of vehicles on our homemade, colorful racetrack. One of our favorite activities this week, was Vehicle Show and Tell. Our small motor activity involved stickers, stamping and cutting out all sorts of transportation vehicles. We loved brainstorming letter D words… Read More

Snow Week (Red Oak 3's)

We had an exciting week at Red Oak learning all about snow. The students enjoyed brainstorming some fun snow activities. It looks like we may be able to enjoy some of these activities this coming week with the snow approaching! Sledding, skiing, skating, hiking and building snowmen are a few of their favorite things to… Read More

Zoo Animal Fun (Red Oak 3's)

            This week we studied all about zoo animals. We brainstormed different animals that live at the zoo and even discussed our favorites. "Animal Action" and "Going to the Zoo" were some songs we enjoyed while dancing and singing together.  The students were very intrigued how zoo veterinarians help rehabilitate… Read More

Fun with The Mitten at Red Oak

This week we enjoyed the winter weather. The students had fun exploring the outdoor classroom with the snow and also took a winter walk. We enjoyed reading the story, The Mitten, by Jan Brett and even retold the story using a huge mitten and wooden animals. Thursday we talked about hibernation and animals that take… Read More

Week of December 15, 2020. More Holiday Fun

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.  Class resumes on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 Tuesday was Pajama day and I was glad to see all the different PJ’s. I’m glad we had the chance to wear the pajamas, they were asking “When can we wear our pajamas”?  We… Read More